Mark II

Head of Testing
  • Geek Factor:
  • Desk Tidiness:
  • Creativity:
  • Secret Weapon: My long arm
  • Favourite Product: ModLok™ Bi-fold
  • Ideal Superpower: I'm already a robot

What I do:

I test Liniar products to destruction.

How I can help you:

By performing cyclic tests, I am able to assure both installers and homeowners with regards to durability and longevity – giving them the ultimate reassurance that the products will stand up to the rigours of demanding, everyday use for years to come.

Favourite thing about working at Liniar:

I love Liniar products and repetitive, methodical work, so it’s the ideal job for me. I get my own testing laboratory too!

About me:

Read my story here


120,000 ModLok™ Bi-Fold Door opening sequences (12 times the British Standard)

28,000 Patio Door opening sequences (and counting!)