Liniar’s EnergyPlus90 is music to the ears of acoustic practitioners

Energy Saving Upvc Profile

Having received more and more enquiries for windows with increasingly higher acoustic values, the innovative market leader recently launched a brand new 90mm window system, EnergyPlus90.

Developing sites with high noise levels

The ProPG report is described as a new blueprint for acoustic practitioners, council planners and developers and provides recommendations that will enable sites to be considered for development that were previously considered unsuitable because of noise.

According to a press release from the ANC, the report aims to protect home dwellers from noise by putting good acoustic design at the heart of all new residential developments.

New system for commercial development

Adrian Redshaw, Liniar’s Design & Development Director explains why Liniar’s new window and door system was designed around achieving high acoustic values:

“With the existing government targets for new housing, we’re aware that noisy, urban locations on recycled brownfield land are increasingly being considered for development.

“Our aim was to design a uPVC window system that kept the slim sightlines of a standard 70mm system, but offered the triple benefits of high acoustic values, thermal efficiency and security, all within one system.

“EnergyPlus90 offers exactly that – with the addition of superb weather performance, thanks to Liniar’s patented, co-extruded bubble gasket.

Independently tested

“Independent tests carried out on a full-sized EnergyPlus90 window resulted in exceptional acoustic values, with an Rw of 42 – more than double the audible sound reduction of a standard double-glazed unit.

“Alongside the acoustic testing, EnergyPlus90 has achieved Passive House status, offering Windows Energy Ratings up to A+40 with the ability to reach U-values as low as 0.5 W/m²K with quadruple glazing, thanks to its unique energy efficient 9-chamber profile.

Exceeding building regulations

“PAS24 and Secured By Design compliance means EnergyPlus90 also meets the high security requirements of Document Q. This means the new system offers specifiers the ideal solution for meeting the recommendations within the ANC’s report, well in excess of minimum standards.

“Homeowners will benefit, not only from the noise reduction, but from lower heating bills thanks to the system’s high thermal efficiency.”


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