Why choose Liniar Bi-Fold Windows?

With the ability to enhance almost any type of building, whether modern and contemporary or traditional, Liniar bi-fold windows enable you to fully open one side of a room while retaining valuable wall space for furniture inside.

Liniar bi-fold windows are popular for use in conservatories and orangeries and are also ideal for the commercial sector. During the summer months they can transform a café or restaurant and give an establishment an outdoor, open feel, while also being secure and child-friendly.

Goodbye to draughts

Manufactured in the UK, the Liniar bi-fold window is available in a wide choice of pane options and colours.

You can say goodbye to draughty windows for good when you choose Liniar uPVC bi-fold windows. All of our products benefit from the unique Liniar patented double-action bubble gasket – ensuring that windows are weather proof and leak-free by delivering a continuous seal, even in the corners.

A brand above

Synonymous with energy efficiency, the full product range of the Liniar brand of windows and doors is manufactured and designed at its purpose-built Derbyshire premises – however, Liniar doesn’t sell the finished products directly to homeowners.

The lead-free uPVC frames that are used to make Liniar products are extruded using the most up-to-date methods and machinery. These are then distributed to a wide network of window fabricators who create the Liniar bi-folding windows to our exact and meticulous specifications.

Glass is added to meet individual glazing requirements, then fabricators will either install the finished articles themselves or sell them on to independent window installers.

Find your nearest Liniar fabricator here or contact us for more information.

Expertly designed

Rest assured that Liniar’s uPVC bi-fold windows have been manufactured, supported and designed by a team with more than 500 years of experience within the window industry.

To operate your bi-fold windows and doors correctly, watch this short video showing the correct method.

Mark II loves Liniar Bi-fold windows!

“Liniar Bi-fold windows are great to fully open one side of the room and are really popular in glazed extensions such as conservatories. They’re also ideal for the commercial sector – transforming cafés and restaurants during the summer months!”

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Head of Testing at Liniar

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Why choose Liniar Bi-Fold Windows

Designed by Experts

Designed from scratch

Many other uPVC window profiles were designed using 20 year old technology – or even older.

Designed completely from scratch in 2007, Liniar’s multi-chambered bi-fold window is far more technically advanced than most other window systems available in Britain – it truly has been built for the challenges of today.

Better for the Environment


As well as helping to keep more heat inside the property, Liniar bi-fold windows have always been 100% lead-free, well before legislation – you no longer have lead in your petrol or paint, so why choose to have frames containing lead?

And on top of that, every element of Liniar uPVC bi-fold windows can be easily and fully recycled at the of end its lifetime.

uPVC Bi-Fold Windows


Liniar bi-fold windows allow in the maximum natural light by being designed with ultra slim sightlines.

A larger glazed area results in not only a more beautiful window, but helps to make the Liniar bi-folding window even more energy efficient and helps to contain and conserve heat within buildings in the winter.

All Liniar Products are Made in Britain

Manufactured in the UK

Liniar remains at the forefront of innovation with continued investment in its factory and facilities. Liniar bi-fold window frames are made from lead-free uPVC, extruded in the East Midlands at the HL Plastics manufacturing facility.

Boasting the largest PVC mixing plant in the UK, the company is one of the largest employers in the region.

Less Frame, More Glass

Less frame, more glass

Liniar Bi-fold windows offer total versatility, with slim sightlines to let in maximum light and the ability to open up one side of the room.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Liniar Bi-fold windows will never rot, rust, or require painting - just a quick clean with warm soapy water - even with our foiled colours.

High Security

High security

Liniar Bi-folding windows are fitted with high security multi-point locking mechanisms. Ask your fabricator for the options available.

Unrestricted Views

Unrestricted views

Liniar Bi-fold windows are perfect to provide unrestricted views - ideal for conservatories, orangeries and in the commercial sector for cafés and restaurants.

Colour up

Beautiful Colours

Liniar’s coloured wood-grain foils are fitted as soon as the plastic has been extruded at its factory in Derbyshire.

With much more choice than the standard white, Liniar bi-fold windows are available in a wide choice of colours – and with many held in stock, there’s no reason for you to wait months for your new windows.

Whether a traditional or contemporary property, Liniar uPVC bi-fold windows can be personalised to suit your colour scheme. Liniar’s factory-fitted coloured foils won’t peel or scratch off, giving homeowners a low maintenance, easy clean finish.


Thermal efficiency

Thermally Efficient Windows

The ground-breaking profiles used in Liniar bi-fold windows have a much greater thermal efficiency than conventional uPVC window profiles.

By removing redundant steel reinforcements, instead creating the latest in multi-chambered profile design, Liniar uPVC windows keep the heat where it should be – inside the home.

Whether double or triple glazed, Liniar windows outperform most of the other leading windows in the UK – mainly due to our innovative uPVC multi-chambered and symmetrical profile design.