Add a splash of colour to your product range

Choice. If you’re in a Sales role, it can be the best tool at your disposal.

Being able to offer customers alternative product options could make all the difference when it comes to making a sale. If your product range is limited to one or two styles of window, one of the easiest ways for your sales team to offer choice is through the different colours they can recommend.

That’s why it’s important to partner with a systems company that’s able to offer a wide choice of colour options across its profile ranges – like Liniar.

Investing in personalisation

The whole industry has seen unprecedented turmoil over the last 18 months or so, not least of which has been a series of interruptions to the supply of raw materials and components.  This hasn’t stopped the demand for foiled windows and doors, however – on the contrary, homeowners appear more determined than ever to personalise the style of their home and are prepared to wait for the privilege.

Innovative PVCu systems company Liniar has always invested heavily in its stock of laminated foils – not just in terms of stocked profiles but in a wide array of foil logs ready to create ‘made to order’ items too. The company purchased a fully automated Luna R Automatic Profile Wrapping Machine from Italy last year and an additional £1.5 million investment has been agreed by parent company Quanex for similar equipment to further increase capacity.

The colour range offered by Liniar is constantly under review with an eye on market trends, with Agate Grey soon to be added to the stocked range of profiles for its 70mm window system and other updates in the pipeline for 2022.

This ongoing investment and development means Liniar is proud to be able to offer one of the widest colour ranges in the industry – 3,224 different colour combinations in-house with many more available!

Liniar’s philosophy on colour

Colin Sharpe, Liniar’s Business Services Director, provides some insight into the company’s philosophy on colour and how it may develop even further in the future.

As Colin explains, Liniar recognised the importance of choice from the inception of its 70mm chamfered profile in 2008: “When we launched our first window profile, we knew it was important for fabricators to be able to offer their customers a range of coloured finishes with short lead times.

“An in-house lamination department was therefore critical from the start. We started with just two stocked foils and since then our stocked and ‘made to order’ ranges have both grown substantially. Of course, it helps to have a great facility with plenty of storage space for our growing range of foils.”

3,330 combinations

Liniar’s claim of being able to offer 3,330 colour combinations is a staggering number! Colin goes on to explain the maths behind this claim:

“Each Liniar product range has a number of stocked foil options. This doesn’t just apply to windows, doors, roofs and building products – we also manufacture a hugely successful outdoor range which includes decking, balustrade and fencing in a variety of colours.

“Our investment in the stock of foil logs themselves means we can offer a basic range of 36 different colours, which can be applied on one side only or on both sides, across 5 different coloured substrates – some customers even choose a different colour on each side.

“This means when the options are multiplied out, they amount to that fantastic number of 3,224 colourways – something we believe other systems companies find difficult, if not impossible to beat.

Colin continues: “Imagination is a customer’s only limitation when it comes to Liniar’s PVCu products. If someone requests an unusual colour for a specific project and it meets our minimum order quantity, we’ll purchase the foil and produce it – the Luna automated machinery makes this really easy, so the possibilities really are endless!”

A flexible approach

“Our team has a proactive approach to colour options, listening to customers, looking at the relative demand and researching trends,” Colin explains.

“This is why you’ll soon see Agate Grey added to our main stocked ranges – it’s been the most popular choice for the Resurgence flush window range and demand has been growing steadily across casements and doors too.

“Our flat structure and collaborative decision-making process also helps us to be quick to react to changes in the market. It’s simply part of our ethos and helps us perform better as a business,”

You can see Liniar’s full range of colour options on its website at and find a Liniar stockist at


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