The most up-to-date brand of uPVC profile on the market. With a focus on research, development and design, the Liniar range continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.
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Liniar's range of composite uPVC piling systems offers a sustainable method of retention for soil, banks, ponds and lakes, and is often used as a flood prevention barrier.

Liniar plastic piling

three decades in the making

Liniar has been manufacturing composite uPVC piling in Derbyshire since 1994. The sustainable choice for bank or water retention, Liniar piling contains recycled

and provides a versatile solution for a wide range of retention projects across many industries.

the engineering solution of choice

With all types of composite piling providing huge benefits compared to steel piling, they are the engineering solution of choice across a wide number of companies including the National Trust, the Environment Agency, utility companies, landscapers and many international engineering firms. Liniar piling has even been driven to depths of 11.5m – read about the Bangkok project here.

CeTeau piling installation
Liniar log piling

Log pile

Liniar’s unique log pile was designed for locations where a more natural appearance is required and replicates a wooden log effect. Interlocking tubes slot together to form a retaining structure and the external surface is covered with a timber composite finish, giving it a natural look and enabling algae or moss to grow. The colour will evolve over 6-8 weeks before settling to its final state.

Full pan pile

Ideal for bank retention and restoration for riverbanks, streams, ponds, lakes and reservoirs, as well as fish farm bank reinforcement, inland marina and waterway walls and banks. It will perform superbly well in any bank retention location and is also used for trench shoring - due to the lower cost of composite uPVC piling as opposed to steel, Liniar’s full pan pile can be left in situ in the trench after work has been completed.

Full pan pile from Liniar
Standard Pile Z Ribbed

Standard pile – Z-ribbed

Similar in appearance to some steel sheet piles, standard piles installed in a Z-ribbed format have a shallow front-on profile and cover slightly more ground than in the box format. This style of uPVC piling is predominantly used in retaining and floodwall applications where bending strength governs the design and no deflection or swing between sheets is required.

Standard pile – box format

Creating a deeper profile with much greater strength, installing Liniar composite standard piling in box format means it’s ideal for projects that require high levels of strength and depth. Used for larger expanses of water or higher banks, box format piling provides the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications.

Piling box format

Liniar composite uPVC piling

Liniar's uPVC piling is a sustainable solution for soil and water retention projects across a wide range of applications. Easy to install and more cost-effective than steel piles, it won't corrode or rot and is easy to handle and transport.

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Liniar designs and tests products, extrudes the PVCu profiles and delivers them to independent specialist manufacturers and resellers all over the UK. You can find your nearest with a simple postcode search.

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