Choosing the Right Systems Company for your Business…

For a window fabricator or installer, choosing a systems provider is one of the most important decisions you can make. Whether you’re a brand new window fabricator or installer, or you’re considering an alternative to your current supplier, selecting the right system which not only meets your needs, but also those of your customers, is essential.

We spoke to Nigel Bishop, Group Sales Director at Liniar & Avantek, to find out the kind of questions he is currently facing from both fabricators and suppliers.

“In my experience, there are a number of questions our customers have asked themselves before deciding to partner with Liniar – and sharing these may help others considering a change too.

“When it comes to fabrication or installation, do you…

  • want to focus on sales… or profit?
  • want to be associated with quality and innovative products?
  • worry about the environmental record of your systems company and its impacts on the ecology?
  • want a stable, reliable supply chain with on-time deliveries?
  • want to build a reputation for superb installations and projects?
  • want a high volume of productivity with products that are easy to fabricate and easy to install?

“To help answer these questions, we can look into five key areas: price, quality, innovation, supply and investment.”


“The industry is reaching breaking point as homeowners pay significantly less than they should for window replacement. While price has an impact on choosing a systems company, reflect on what you get in return for what you pay. Customer service, support, on-time deliveries, reliable stock, consistent quality and innovative, new products with full-size product testing and accreditations are worth their weight in gold.

“Basing your decision on which system you’ll use solely on price can have devastating effects – especially if you’re going for bargain basement prices. With the competitive nature of the industry, the age old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true in this instance. If companies are offering prices which seem too good to be true, they’re cutting costs somewhere – is it really worth the risk of being left high and dry when they fail to deliver on their service promises or lack the financial ability to re-invest in their business. Short termism is a very risky strategy and we all know there is a distinct difference between Value and Cost.”


“Whether you’re supplying mid-range windows and doors or upmarket bi-folding doors, excellent, consistent quality is a must-have for any business. The ability to trust that the next product you receive is equally as good as the last should be a standard for the industry – but this isn’t always the case.

“That’s why Liniar has designed an avenue to protect the integrity of their windows and ensure that they’re manufactured properly – in a way that meets all accreditation standards no matter the size. Fabricators with the Liniar Approved stamp can demonstrate their credibility by proving they manufacture our windows and doors using only quality components in an audited, approved way.

“This is a critical element of demonstrating ‘Added Value’ with the increasing focus of product specification and performance. Many industry experts and governing bodies are communicating that the onus to demonstrate product safety and compliance is squarely on the shoulders of fabricators and installers.”


“For fabricators and installers who want to offer customers the most cutting-edge products, with a range which provides the opportunity to up-sell, a systems company with a firm commitment to innovation is essential. Innovation for systems companies goes a lot further than a steady stream of new products – it’s also the creation of new ideas and methods. These types of innovation can help lead to streamlined installations, time-saving methods and a more efficient operation for fabricators and installers alike.”


“To be a profitable fabricator or installer, a reliable supply chain is essential. A stable systems house will have invested in stock to provide fabricators with the materials they need as quickly as possible. Also part of supply is ensuring that the systems house has a consistent supply of raw materials itself – a particular concern with an uncertain Brexit on the horizon.

“Liniar is ensuring it future-proofs its supply – even through Brexit. The team has already worked for more than a year to build up stocks in its 400,000ft² facility, secured product lines which aren’t affected by EU relations and worked hand in hand with the Port Authority in Antwerp to ensure components and supply deliveries will run as smoothly as possible, no matter the outcome of Brexit.

“This is literally a £multi million pound investment by Liniar. Not all systems houses can commit to this financially, which again equals significant risk if fabricators cannot satisfy their commitments to their customers.”


“All the features of an excellent systems company are controlled by one major business focus: investment. Without a comprehensive focus on investment, a systems company can’t provide world-class customer support, marketing materials, superb service, consistently excellent quality products, and a steady stream of ground-breaking new products.

“Companies have to consider investment across the whole business to remain successful. Investing in people, building the skills of apprentices and investing in current employees ensures a stable, knowledgeable workforce. Investing in the maintenance and replacement of top of the line machinery; more efficient systems and processes; cleaner, more eco-friendly products; and the provision of materials and logistics means a good systems company is geared towards offering unparalleled service, support and products to their customers.

Nigel concludes:

“If the systems company you’re researching for your business ticks all these boxes, you’re onto a winner. It goes without saying that’s why more and more are choosing Liniar as a result. Discover the Liniar difference for yourself at


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