Doing the right thing: community support

2020 has seen a pandemic monopolise our screens, social media timelines and minds while detrimentally impacting the communities and lives around us. We ask industry-leading systems company what role it’s had in supporting its local community through these difficult times and how its focus on community has shifted due to the unforeseen COVID-19 crisis:

“For decades, supporting the community has been a pillar of Liniar’s foundation. After all, what are we without the people in our community? Our community includes our families, friends, employees, investors, suppliers and customers – and this ‘community’ is the one thing that unites us all,” comments (name).

Business and community

We all know that businesses impact communities in more ways than providing its residents with employment opportunities. How companies choose to impact communities can be seen everywhere you look – from being a part of the Chamber of Commerce, apprenticeships and sponsoring local sporting teams to raising money for charities, collecting food and essentials for disadvantaged groups or helping heat a church in the Winter. It’s this involvement which forges long-term relationships with the areas around us.

Liniar’s commitment to community

They say that good habits begin at the top, and this is equally true for Liniar. It’s parent company Quanex includes ‘community’ as one of its stakeholders and encourages the companies under the umbrella of its group to be active, leading forces within their communities.

“Going back to the roots of the company in 1974, Liniar (then known as HL Plastics) was a champion for apprenticeships – providing opportunities for local young people. Additionally, each year there are a variety of community projects that we are involved in including annual food bank and coat collections during the Winter.

“2020 has been different though. It’s made our community raw and more in need of help than ever before, and thankfully, we’ve been in a position to step up and help. In April, our PPE project was well-received not only in our local community but throughout the country and was backed by the support from our parent company in America,” commented (name).

“Our PPE project was only the beginning. The pandemic has created the perfect storm of instability throughout the country. The lockdowns have negatively affected everyone – but for charities that rely on fundraising opportunities to remain in operation, it has been devastating. This year we chose a ‘main’ charity to focus on being AgeUK and have also helped raise money for other charities, like Rainbows Children’s Hospice, through virtual events.

“Winter is rapidly approaching and while we always collect food for local food banks, coats for the homeless and toys for disadvantaged children, this year our parent company is backing our project by matching our product donations with a monetary one. The support from our parent company Quanex is essential – and helps us make a real impact for the families in our communities.”

Future community projects

Liniar’s involvement with its community doesn’t stop when the pandemic does, because there will always be opportunities to support underprivileged groups, the elderly and disabled communities.

“Going into 2021, Liniar is launching an internal programme where everyone within the business can sign up to volunteer or support charitable initiatives we’re championing for the year/quarter. With the launch of the PPE programme and our call for volunteers during furlough it became clear that a vast number of Liniar employees wanted to be a part of helping their community – and we want to give them more opportunities to do just that with our support,” commented (name).

“Ties the community touch every person within our business. Long after COVID is just a distant memory, Liniar will still be an active leader in ‘doing the right thing’ for the people around us.”

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