Forward-thinking is Prudent Planning

The world around us is changing and along with it are customer behaviours. Property owners are more aware of the impacts that the products they purchase have on the environment – whether it is through their manufacturing process or the environmental benefits they provide once installed. Because of this, homeowners are requesting products that are manufactured in environmentally-friendly facilities who use safe practices when it comes to carbon emissions and environmental impacts – as well as products that help lower the carbon footprint of their own homes, provide acoustic protection and thermal efficiency.

Rewind to 2017, when one PVCu systems company sought to be the first in the UK with a product accredited with a PassivHaus rating. Liniar’s EnergyPlus90 system was designed to meet all the requirements of this stringent testing – was the first of its kind in the UK and now that new building regulations are forecast requiring such accreditations Liniar is well ahead of the curve.


One of the main features of the EnergyPlus90 system is its 42 dcB acoustic rating. “Noise pollution is a real concern for developers looking to build on brownfield sites, near airports or railways and those in heavy urban areas,” comments Charlotte Curtis, Liniar’s Business Development Manager.

“We’ve already seen a rise in projects requiring products which meet the WHO’s guidelines for acoustic ratings – and EnergyPlus90 was there to fill the requirements.”

From dogs barking and neighbours mowing their lawns to car alarms, planes taking off and trains going by on their daily routes, noise can be a serious issue. With EP90’s 42dcB rating, these are much less of a nuisance and buildings such as care homes, student accommodation and social housing are requiring building products which dampen that noise – including windows, doors and insulation.

One customer commented, “EnergyPlus90 is one of the only systems that meets these strict requirements – and the only one that can be delivered for the time frames required by developers.”

Thermal Performance

PassivHaus accredited products do more than dampen noise pollution – they also offer some of the lowest U-values on the market and provide excellent energy efficiency. Liniar’s EP90 system is no different – boasting a U-value as low as 0.7W/m²K, it’s one of the lowest U-values for PVCu windows. PassivHaus products are capable of keeping temperatures inside properties at a cool 19° both in the winter and summer.

Liniar’s EnergyPlus90 system features a 9-chamber system along with its patented bubble gasket and glazing flipper. Installed along with either 48mm or 56mm triple glazing, it offers exceptional airtightness and weather resistance without the need for additional steel reinforcement.

“Our fabricators are asking for products which lower energy bills in their customers’ homes – and our entire range is designed to do just that. But EnergyPlus90 goes one step further with ambient temperatures remaining at 19°,” comments Charlotte.

“The WHO is asking for homes to no longer be linked to the natural gas system after 2050, meaning that homes will need other methods of controlling the temperature – and this is where EnergyPlus90 makes the leap. There won’t be a need to lower energy bills because customers won’t need to raise or lower their heating.”

Delivering on every level

EnergyPlus90 offers everything the discerning homeowner wants – and more importantly the things they need. The high-quality, technologically advanced EnergyPlus90 range meets the restrictions for Zero Carbon properties well before they are enacted into building regulations – but they also look as well as they perform.

Designed, manufactured, foiled, stocked and delivered from a cutting-edge facility in the East Midlands, customers can rest assured that stocks aren’t impacted from the tumultuous situation that we find ourselves in or the changes that will take place when the transition period is over from Brexit.

With 3,330 colour combinations available on just a 7-day lead time, customers can choose to have the right product for their home in the style that suits them best. For more information about the Liniar EnergyPlus90 range, including its PassivHaus accreditation please visit /upvc-windows/passivhaus/.


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