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We’re deep into the age of technology and a long way from the days when you’d see children playing outdoors, families in the back garden and life without YouTube and Facebook. When you’re discussing the benefits of having a conservatory with home and property owners, it’s often a no brainer – but did you know the benefits can go much further than increasing property value and adding living space? Kat Gibbons from Liniar’s marketing team has been carrying out some research, and the addititional benefits may surprise you!

Adding natural light

The significance of adding natural light into the home has been chronicled in medical journals and university research studies – from increases in productivity and uplifts in mood, to better vision and a regular sleeping habit.

If you’ve got a customer who’s on the fence about investing in a glazed extension, here are a few additional benefits they may be able to get behind.

Mood and Productivity

Society has shifted dramatically over the last 30 years. Today’s kids are more likely to be found indoors on game consoles and social media than outside having fun until the street lights come on – and adults are spending more hours at work in offices. These extended periods under artificial lights are having an impact on the mental health of people around the globe. According to researchers at the University of Sao Paolo, long periods under artificial lights without natural light can result in feelings akin to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Depression, lack of optimism and decreased productivity can all be attributed to artificial lights. Natural light has been shown to increase productivity – especially in the workplace – and even in primary schools. According to a study in the Journey of Clinical Sleep Medicine, where there was access to natural light in schools, children would flock to it, test scores were higher, and children were more alert.


A human’s wake and sleep pattern – their circadian rhythm – is determined by nature. Without access to natural light, the body doesn’t produce melatonin, a chemical which makes it easier to fall asleep. The University of Sao Paolo found that people who had ample access to natural light not only fell asleep faster but their sleep patterns were normalised.

General Wellbeing

Natural light has been attributed to helping people recover from surgery and illness. In studies where patients had a window in their recovery room, the speed of recovery was markedly higher than if a patient was in a room with no windows.

Keeping a growing family healthy is a big job – especially when you have school aged children. The sun acts as a natural antiseptic, and in homes with ample natural light, bacterial levels are low – keeping families safer and healthier.

Exposure to sunlight naturally boosts things like your vitamin B and D levels and immune system, and improves digestion. It’s also been shown to increase endorphins and serotonin levels, appetite and red blood cells. As if getting a conservatory for the extra living space wasn’t enough!


With global warming and a plastic crisis in the oceans, families are more aware of their carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. The addition of a conservatory, lantern roof or bi-fold doors to a home or business not only floods the space with light but also makes it so a family doesn’t need to use electricity throughout the brighter periods of the day. This has a two-fold benefit of not only helping the environment but lowering energy bills at the same time.

From helping the environment to sleeping better at night and feeling more positive, the reasons to add a glazed extension or set of glazed bi-fold doors to your home or business are many. Here at Liniar, we provide our customers with the literature and marketing materials they need from prospecting and acquisition straight through to completion.

If you’re a Liniar customer, you can find marketing materials in our Media Centre on the website.

For more information on Liniar’s range of conservatories and bi-fold doors – including the brand new Elevate lantern roof – all with slim sightlines, excellent U-values and 10-year guarantee, visit


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