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Industry-leading systems company Liniar has a well-earned reputation for consistently launching the most groundbreaking products in the industry. Thanks to parent company Quanex’s commitment to innovation, Liniar will continue to break the mould. When we look back to its flagship 70mm profile system, we can safely say that Liniar started as it meant to carry on – with the most technologically advanced design of its kind.

The first profile launched by Liniar made waves in the fenestration industry. It was 2008 and Liniar had pulled together an expert team with over 500 years’ combined experience in the industry. For the first time in more than a decade, they’d designed a brand new window and door profile from scratch – not just made improvements to an existing profile design.

When the Liniar team began designing this flagship profile, they researched where other profiles had failings, then came up with solutions to address those design flaws – and the 70mm Liniar profile was born. That brand new, innovative profile design still dominates the energy and thermal efficiency ratings more than a decade later.
What makes people continue to choose Liniar’s 70mm profile?

The objectives going into the 70mm Liniar uPVC profile were the achievement of form, function and beauty. It needed to have a weatherproof seal, deliver excellent thermal efficiency and meet strict security standards – while also looking the part.

Making the window more cost-effective, not only for the fabricator but also the homeowner was one of the first things addressed. The cost of steel always on the rise had an impact on fabrication costs – but the Liniar designers didn’t want to sacrifice strength or stability. Liniar’s team was able to reduce the amount of steel reinforcement in the window by 2/3 while maintaining the strength with its multi-chambered design and revolutionary security strip. The results make the Liniar window easier to fabricate and fit, cutting down installation times whilst achieving Windows Energy Ratings up to A++ and U-values as low as 0.9 W/m2K.

Liniar’s design team also patented a co-extruded bubble gasket which not only provides an airtight seal against the weather, adding to the energy efficiency of the window, but also makes installation easier. The co-extruded bubble gasket is fabricated into the profile and has been tested to BFRC energy rating standards with zero air leakage. This means no messy seals to fit during or after fabrication and no call-backs as a result of draughty or whistling windows.

The Liniar 70mm profile design comes in both sculptured and chamfered styles, meets all PAS24 standards for security – even with reduced steel reinforcement – and conforms to BS6375 Parts 1 and 2 for weather performance, operation and strength characteristics. In other words, it’s everything you could want in a window that performs as good as it looks.

The 70mm profile system can be fabricated into a wide array of different window styles including casements, French windows and Bay or Bow windows. Since its original launch, the same patents, principles and standards have been applied to the development of bespoke ranges, including the original Liniar flush sash and its brand new big sister, Resurgence – as well as a fully reversible window.

With a wide variety of colours and woodgrain foils to choose from, there’s something for every discerning homeowner out there.

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