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Gardens have become the safe place for those lucky enough to have them – a sanctuary if you will – while we’ve all been relegated to our homes during the lockdown. This has seen a massive increase in the number of sales enquiries for outdoor PVCu products, bi-folding doors and lantern roofs, as one by-product was homeowners’ desire to make their homes and gardens a more comfortable place to be whilst staying at home.
The benefits of being outdoors include more than just achieving a glow for the summer. Mental health was a real issue during lockdown because isolation itself causes a real struggle for many of us. Sunlight brings natural benefits of increased serotonin levels, boosting your mood if you’re exposed to it from 5 to 15 minutes. Sunlight is also the best natural source of Vitamin D, improving bone strength and lowering blood pressure. Sunshine – scientifically – makes people feel good! Which is why gardens have been so important now more than ever.

So how can the fenestration industry help? Up until recently, homeowners weren’t able to have installers in their homes – and even now it requires pre-planning to remain safe – but gardens can be tackled under strict social distancing conditions. When the pandemic eases, signs indicate that people will have a renewed sense of pride in their homes and want to remodel their indoor and outdoor spaces for the better.

Lantern roof and conservatories

Whilst we’ve had an exceptional stint of warm weather, this is Britain, after all – and for many months of the year the weather isn’t conducive to being out in your garden without a blanket! That’s where lantern roofs and conservatories can help.

Lantern roofs are perfect for smaller properties or those who already have a flat roof extension. With lantern-style kits such as Liniar’s Elevate, installation time can be as low as 30 minutes – disrupting homeowners as little as possible.

Conservatories and orangeries are the ultimate in letting the light into a property. Wide expanses of glass, windows for plenty of fresh air and with exceptional thermal performance, homeowners no longer have to worry about them being too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

Bi-fold windows and doors

Another way to let the sunlight (and fresh air) inside is through popular bi-folding products – both windows and doors. Folding windows are popular in kitchens and dining rooms, providing that ‘holiday’ feel during the summer when homeowners would love to have dinner outside.
Bi-fold doors have been increasing in popularity for years. A brilliant addition to an extension, garden room or conservatory, bi-folding doors provide the ultimate opportunity to mesh the inside and outside into one living space – especially when a low-threshold option is included. With the ability to span apertures to suit a homeowner’s taste, bi-folding doors are sure to see an uptick in requests as we move through the lockdown and into the summer.

With products like Liniar’s Alumina or ModLok door ranges, made to a customer’s specifications, bi-folding doors have never been easier to fit. Secure, thermally efficient and exceptionally beautiful, a bi-fold offers the perfect entrance into a property’s garden.

Decking and fencing

The recent sunny weather has ensured gardens are getting more attention than usual. Homeowners are looking to improve their green spaces by adding new or replacing worn out decking, and ‘maintenance-free’ has been the number one priority as they seek to enjoy their gardens, not keep painting them.

PVCu decking and fencing not only looks the part but benefits the environment, is fully recyclable and is also safe for families, with no splinters or rusty nails. Liniar’s decking kits make installations effortless, and fencing is available in panels and posts in a choice of ten colours and finishes.
Look forward to the future

Whilst European travel has recently been given the green light, many families are still choosing ‘staycations’ over holidays abroad – and they want to enjoy their gardens more than ever before. This is the perfect time for window installers to diversify into the outdoor product market. Liniar has seen a sustained surge in enquiries from homeowners looking for PVCu and composite decking and fencing products to install in their gardens, and those offering such products will have the chance to recover more quickly than others.

Liniar offers a wide range of energy-efficient and eco-friendly products, available in a choice of colours. For more details, please visit


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