Natural light leads the way to improved wellbeing

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work during 2020. Even though many of us have now returned to the office, many more people have seen the introduction of more flexible, hybrid working situations, where employees work partly in the office and partly at home. This new way of working has brought into focus how important it is to bring natural light into your living space – and industry-leading PVCu systems company Liniar explains why.

Let the light in

Over the last decade, medical professionals and university programmes have reported on how the effects of increased natural light provide numerous benefits to all aspects of our daily lives – from productivity and mood to sleep and even better vision.

This research, combined with more people spending more time at home over the last year, means selling glazed extensions, lantern roofs and garden rooms has become even easier. Here are a few benefits to share with customers who are thinking of upgrading their home with these products.

Overall family wellbeing

More than just a beautiful addition to a home, the natural light brought in by a glazed extension naturally boosts the body’s production of essential vitamins B and D, as well as boosting the immune system and improving digestion. Additionally, sunlight has been proven to heighten serotonin levels, increase production of endorphins, raise red blood cell count and improve appetite.

For families, the benefits are many – for example, sunlight has been shown to help those recovering from illnesses such as COVID and surgery, too. In medical journals, it’s been reported that patients who had a window in their room had markedly higher recovery rates than those without windows.

For those with children, an infusion of natural light is even more important. Thanks to the natural antiseptic properties of sunlight, households with glazed extensions, lantern roofs and lots of windows enjoy lower levels of bacteria – keeping families healthier.

Positive impacts on mental health

As employees across the UK continue working in the home, productivity is always a keen focus. Working under artificial light for extended periods of time can affect mental health, in some cases leaving people with the same symptoms as Seasonal Affective Disorder – for example, depression, decreased productivity and an overall less optimistic worldview.

A recent study at Cornell University found that employees with access to ample amounts of natural light reported:

  • A 10% decrease in drowsiness throughout the day
  • An 84% drop in symptoms resulting from eyestrain including blurred vision and headaches
  • 80% increase in ‘daylight satisfaction’.

For customers who work from their homes, this could be an incredible boon – offering increased productivity and happiness.


While you may not think natural daylight has any effect on sleep, hours later, in fact, it does. Being indoors without access to sunlight can affect the body’s circadian rhythm – your natural wake and sleep pattern. As reported above, sunlight increases the body’s production of melatonin. Melatonin is a chemical that affects the ease at which a person falls to sleep and sleeps soundly. A study from the University of Sao Paolo found that people who had ample access to natural light not only fell asleep easier but had normalised sleep and wake patterns too.

A new space to be happy

During the last 12 months, many homeowners have been building garden rooms for additional space, with the trend looking set to continue. Whether used as a home office, a gym, a yoga or art studio or a ‘man cave’, these niche buildings can help deliver increased levels of happiness and a more structured work-life balance. When built with plenty of windows and glazed products such as bi-folds, sliding patio or French doors, garden rooms offer a modular way to introduce the copious amounts of natural light that our bodies need to be happy and healthy.

Liniar’s Group Sales Director Nigel Bishop comments, “We’ve seen a marked increase in the popularity of glazed roofs, and for all types of glass door – especially sliding patio doors – over the last 12 months, as homeowners choose to improve their homes. We fully expect these levels of demand to continue into 2022, so now is a great time to understand how these products can not only improve property values but add value to family life in general.”

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