Putting the satisfaction back into selling conservatories

Liniar Lean-to Conservatories

Liniar’s innovative range of roof kits has shaken up and refreshed the market with a number of brilliant, and long overdue, ideas to help revitalise the market and put the satisfaction and reward back into selling conservatories.

But what is it about the Liniar system that sets them apart from the competition? Business Development Director Tony Basile explains why it’s special.

“There’s so many elements that we’ve designed into our roof system to make it such a fantastic product. It’s all about the fine details and we’re constantly thinking of ways that we can improve it.

“We’re particularly proud of our top caps. A common problem for most conservatory roof manufacturers is in the preparation of their uPVC single-walled top caps. Because of their flimsy construction, top caps often bend and splay when cut – making it impossible to perform a neat and accurate mitre and leaving the fitter with ill-fitting parts.

“One way around this is to use aluminium top caps as they are rigid and easier to cut – but they can bring their own problems. They don’t have the thermal benefits of uPVC and are more expensive. They’re also heavier to handle, scratch easily and difficult to fit. Plus the gasket has to be added manually, costing valuable man hours to produce.

“Designed to clip on effortlessly, Liniar’s twin-walled top caps encapsulate the best of both worlds. They’re strong and durable, making them easy to cut, lighter than aluminium to handle – and the design of the EnergyPlus roof top caps means a Liniar conservatory is one of the most energy efficient on the market.

“Compound cuts to jack rafters are simple and superb with a consistent, professional-looking scribe every time. A secure, reliable one-position location means you can forget excessive and uneven leg-splay, giving the roof a beautiful finish.”

Available with an unparalleled range of foiled finishes, twin-walled top caps aren’t the only benefit to buying a Liniar conservatory roof. Liniar’s precision factory-fitted woodgrain foils give the authentic appearance of timber without the maintenance. And, unlike other conservatories, end caps and glazing retainers are also foiled, ensuring the whole installation matches for a stunning effect.

“Our patented invention to prevent glazing slip, Glazing Stop, makes glazing so much easier – the units can be installed quickly and always look parallel – with the benefit of no tape needed and no costly call-backs in the future.
“The overall roof design and engineering provides excellent sealing, eliminating leaks – keeping water out and customers happy. This is achieved with the help of the patented, pre-shaped closed cell permanent Memory Foam, with a pre-applied primary seal, and a ridge cap which attaches, leaving no screw holes for water ingress.

“Our glazing bar end caps have been designed for an easy and secure fit. They simply slide on and lock in to position to the end bar clip.

“Liniar’s unique foam trim eaves beam cover provides additional thermal efficiency and reduces condensation. Hiding all nuts, bolts and fixings on the eaves, the cover presents an attractive finish when viewed from above.

“Traditionally, tie bars are eaves-mounted. All Liniar tie bars are bar-mounted to provide much greater structural strength to the roof. Concealed (not surface mounted) tie bar fixings are available, as well as a tie wire option for a more contemporary appearance. All tie bars are cut to length to save installers time and money.

“To ensure our whole range matches perfectly, our end bar trims are all fluted and our radius covers are foiled. And for the benefit of installers, we supply the radius cover and ridge as a complete unit. Likewise, bottom caps and bar end mouldings are fitted in the factory to save time on site.

“The Liniar technical support team is on hand to answer all your technical queries. Because the Liniar system has a number of innovative features designed to make life easier for installers, we offer ‘assisted fit’ support for customers installing one of our kits for the first time. We also provide comprehensive installation guides and videos, helping you to make sure that each installation is perfect.

“Each Liniar roof is designed on a bespoke basis to the exact specifications of our customers and delivered with all the necessary parts – and with colours available from stock, our lead times are usually lower than other roof suppliers.”

Visit the LiniarUK YouTube channel to watch our roof sales and installation videos, email sales@liniar.co.uk or call 01332 883883 to give the Liniar roof kit a try.


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