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Hi humanbots! Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming a young humanbot to Liniar HQ so she could gain work experience in our marketing department.

So I’ve decided to step aside and let her take over as a guest blogger so you can read how she got on.

Meet Amy…

The mysteries of marketing

The week of 17th-21st July I have been at Liniar for my work experience in the marketing department.

I have really enjoyed this week and learning all about marketing because before this week I knew very little about what it was and what it involves.


One the first day I was with Sue, the Marketing Director, learning about what marketing was and what it is that the company does.

She showed me different guides and brochures that they had designed for customers to be able to see all the different products.

I was then shown the Liniar website and their social media pages, and I was also shown Buffer which they use to schedule posts. Then I proof read a ‘How-To’ guide for Twitter beginners.


On the second day I was with Simon and he showed me some of the articles he has written for the trade magazines. He showed me the Liniar YouTube page and we watched some of the videos that they’ve produced. I also proof read another guide.

Then in the afternoon I was with Helen and she showed me some of the things she has designed. For example, she showed me what she designed for the FIT Show and also the timeline she was currently working on for the new showroom.


The third day I was with Nikki and she showed me some of the things she has designed like logos, brochures and other things.

She then showed me how to upload and schedule things for social media on Buffer. Once she showed me how to do that I wrote a couple of tweets myself and scheduled to put them on Twitter the following week.

In the afternoon she showed me the previous year’s calendars and I then looked online for ideas for next year’s calendar. I also had a production tour of the factory with Eddy, the Production Director, and learned what each section does in making the product.


Then the fourth day, this was probably my favourite day, I was with Charlotte in the morning and she showed me some of the databases they use. She printed me one off and I had to go online and look up a company’s name and find their website and write it down next to their name.

In the afternoon I was with Cassie and we went to the new showroom with a camera and took pictures of all the different products. We then came back to look at them and some of them can be used for things like websites and social media.

After that she showed me how she edits footage to make videos for the website or YouTube page. Once she showed me I edited a bit myself.

After that I did the same as I did in the morning with the databases but I did one for fencing customers instead.


Then on the last day, I wrote up this piece of writing that you are reading now about my experience at Liniar and what I did here. I also carried on with the fencing data base that I started the day before.

What a week…

My favourite thing was taking photographs and editing bits of video footage and also looking for websites for databases, and my least favourite thing was probably proof reading.

But overall I have really enjoyed my week of work experience.


Thank you Amy – it was a real pleasure to have you on board for the week and we’re glad you enjoyed your glimpse into the workings of our marketing department. All the best for your future career, whatever you choose to do.                              

Mark II


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