Safety at the Heart of Everything We Do

Safety is paramount at every step of the fenestration process – and one systems company believes this starts at home. Liniar, well-known for investment, innovation and product development is also setting the bar high for its safety statistics.

This summer, at its parent company Quanex’s convention in Miami, Liniar received an award for having the best safety performance across the group globally – and for Liniar, that’s something to shout about.

The passion for safety begins at the top, so we sat down with Liniar’s Group Managing Director Martin Thurley to talk about the company’s safety initiatives and how they achieve excellence.

Martin commented, “Operationally, nothing is more important to everyone in the company than ensuring the safety and welfare of our co-workers, employees and other stakeholders who come into contact with our business – safety is our number one operational priority. We also believe there is a strong correlation between safety and profitability in any organisation; both are dependent upon high levels of management discipline and focus.
“The team at Liniar isn’t motivated simply by legal compliance or profitability, however. We’re also highly motivated by our moral obligation of always seeking to ‘do the right thing’.

“Profit is important, as it helps us to justify investment back into our business – but ultimately we couldn’t sleep at night if people were hurt in order to make the business successful… we would never choose profit at the expense of safety.

We achieve this by applying common sense, professionalism and ultimately by fostering a no-blame culture centred on inclusivity, engagement and respect.

“The Senior Management Team ensures the facility’s environment cultivates safety by investing in new, reliable equipment and everyone across the business ensures the working environment remains clean and uncluttered – further nurturing the safety of all on-site.”

Liniar’s morality and values extend beyond the walls of its manufacturing facility in Derbyshire. Martin explains how everything the company does from design to installation is impacted by its operational safety focus.
“Safety is ingrained in every aspect of the Liniar manufacturing process. The designers ensure that the new products they create and test have the utmost security features and accreditations. The manufacturing facility looks out for one another, using common sense to ensure they’re using safe practices. And the technical team provides support to fabricators and installers, helping them manufacture and install our products properly and safely.

“Liniar has a firm commitment to providing a safe working environment for all our employees and visitors, but also to continue to create products like ModLok™ technology to make homes and businesses safer.”

Martin concludes, “As an employer it is our moral duty to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with our business does so safely. We’re proud to say that our record for health and safety performance continues to be excellent.

“We live in a world where the safety and security accreditations of fenestration products surpass previous standards set every year. Isn’t it time that we ‘do the right thing’ and make sure operational safety is equally as important as product safety?”


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