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One of the biggest issues for a conscientious systems house is to try and ensure that the products hitting the market and carrying their name are of the highest possible quality and adhere to the strict specifications outlined.

The very definition of fabrication is to ‘construct by combining or assembling diverse, typically standardised parts’ – but as no two fabricators operate in exactly the same way, it’s very difficult for a systems house to police the end product.

Howard Hirst, sales director at Liniar, looks at some of the ways that potential problems can be avoided.

Profile performance

It goes without saying that any systems house worth its salt should be producing profile to a very high standard. If quality is found to be lacking in this department then the fabricators don’t really stand a chance.
A strong, thermally efficient and attractive profile should also have been designed to ensure that it is reliable and simple to manufacture. Anything less will be sure to affect the standard of what is produced.

Machine smart

Once a fabricator commits to a systems house, it is the latter’s responsibility to ensure that their customer’s machinery and tooling is reprogrammed and stringently set up to manufacture windows and doors to the required specification.

If this process isn’t performed properly, and efficiently, then the customer in question isn’t likely to be very impressed with the quality of output, or the time and money lost during an elongated transition.

Worked up

One of the most valuable, and often overlooked, assets that a top fabricator possesses is an experienced and skilled workforce.
The systems house should contribute to any initial training needed when a fabricator switches over to demonstrate any differences and nuances of the new system.

With a proficient and knowledgeable staff brought up-to-speed, this should reflect in the finished product.

Earning approval

An ideal method for a systems house to maintain a degree of control on the quality of the products that their customers manufacture, and to inject installers with confidence that the windows and doors are going to be of a consistently high standard, is to operate an approved fabricator scheme.
Designed to encourage companies to aim for a fundamental benchmark, these schemes also provide fabricators with an ideal vehicle to display how proud they are of their merchandise.

Strictly scheme

Before they can become a Liniar Approved Fabricator, our customers have to pass a strict process of inspections, tests and verification, including proving financial stability and being stringently assessed by the Liniar technical team.

But the key element is to be certain that fully Liniar-approved parts are used and our precise guidelines and specifications are followed rigorously throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that the fabricator’s final products are of a consistently high quality


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