Flush Sash and the Future of Fenestration

They say that fashion trends come back around, and in the case of the Flush Sash window, it’s true.

Since the launch of the PVCu casement in the 1970s, this style of window has become the most popular with homeowners. More recently, however, the fenestration industry has seen a shift towards the PVCu flush sash… and for good reason. With a sleek appearance, low U-Values, high thermal efficiency and slim lines, flush sash windows are becoming a stunning addition to a range of properties from homes to commercial properties and apartment buildings.

If you’re a fabricator or installer and still in the mindset that flush windows are only suited to period properties, think again. While you can achieve the look of timber with a flush sash from limited fabricators using mechanical jointing, welded joints give a flush sash a modern, bold look when foiled with vibrant colours like Chartwell Green, Black and Anthracite Grey. Whether a property owner requires the character of a pre-20th-century window or they want the addition of clean, modern lines, a flush sash will fit the brief. If you’re not including it in your pitches to new builds and replacements, you’re missing out.

The original flush sash windows were made of timber. They were prone to rot, swelling, and needed painting and maintenance regularly. PVCu alleviates those issues and provides exceptional energy efficiency to boot. They don’t warp, swell or crack, even in inclement weather; they’re resilient and it’s no wonder demand for them is on the rise. With the addition of foiling that can make them look like authentic timber windows without the downfalls, it’s a clear choice.

The New Product on the Block

Recently, Liniar introduced its groundbreaking Resurgence 80mm Flush Sash to the industry. Aesthetically, there are a few changes, but there’s much more under the surface.

Flush sash windows of the past had an unsightly brush pile in the shadow gap that could go misshapen over time. Liniar has replaced this with its patented co-extruded bubble gasket within a double rebate weather seal. The gasket is tucked around the back of the sash so that it’s never visible from either the inside or outside of a closed window. Draught and weatherproof, the co-extruded bubble seal on a welded profile ensures the compression seal is never compromised.

Like the rest of the Liniar range, the Resurgence Flush Sash can be foiled to match Liniar bi-folding and patio doors, windows, conservatories and lantern roofs. Foiling on Resurgence is extended around the profile, so when going for an authentic look, it’s consistent even while the window is open. With a wide choice of colour combinations available from stock and hundreds of additional colours available on longer lead times, the style options are limitless. Mechanically jointed Resurgence frames are available from a limited number of fabricators and offer the unique look of joinery on timber combined with the energy ratings of PVCu.

Resurgence is turning heads for all the right reasons. Designed with Liniar’s innovative, multi-chamber design, Resurgence boasts a 70mm sash within an 80mm frame, comes ready for triple glazing, achieves an A+ WER and a U-Value as low as 1.2 W/m²K.

While the style may be reminiscent of something from the 19th century, the accreditations are all 21st Century. Resurgence has achieved Secured by Design, Part Q and PAS24 accreditations.

What does the future hold?

With Resurgence, ModLok, Alumina and Elevate under their belts, it’s only right to wonder what else will come out of Liniar’s Design and Development department. With more than 500 years’ experience in window technology and a Queen’s Award for Innovation, Liniar isn’t just breaking the mould for windows; it’s recreating it from the ground up. Watch this space; the Liniar FIT Show stand looks set to be a must-visit when the show opens in May!

For more information on the new Resurgence window, visit the Liniar website: https://www.liniar.co.uk/resurgence.


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