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There are many factors that come into consideration in order to perform a clean, professional and safe installation – but quite often it’s the importance of one small accessory that’s overlooked, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Choosing a superior window frame, quality glazing and installation supplies, the correct tools and abiding by PPE regulations is all standard practice when preparing to fit a window. So why would you use inferior glazing platforms?

Liniar Technical Services Director, Paul Garforth, explains why this vital bit of kit shouldn’t be underestimated.

It’s all in the detail

“The team that originally designed the Liniar system have more than 500 years of experience between them in the industry. It’s because of this experience that every minute element has been carefully thought out and scrutinised to ensure a superior product.

“We’re committed to making sure that each and every one of the creations we produce provides end users with exceptional advantages over those of our competitors – from high profile products like our Queen’s Award-winning ModLok bi-folds, right down to often overlooked glazing platforms.

“Some installers may believe that all glazing platforms are pretty much the same and perform their duties equally well, but this is definitely not the case. A large percentage of the issues that we have to address are caused by inferior alternatives being used.

Providing the right support

“Liniar glazing platforms have been specifically designed to perform a host of important functions and are a vital element of any Liniar installation.

“Available in 28mm and 36mm options, as well as specific versions for our EnergyPlus90 range, flush sash windows and patio doors, Liniar glazing platforms fill the area of the profile precisely to provide full width support.

“They’re manufactured using the correct raw materials to provide the necessary strength to support the weight of the glazing unit. Substitute components may not achieve this, which could lead to them distorting, and therefore failing to fully support the glass.
Designed for installers

“Not only do they form part of the structure of the finished glazed product, ensuring a rigid and safe installation, they’ve been designed with installers in mind for a trouble free fit.

“They clip easily into place and can simply be slid into the correct position. However, unlike poorly designed substitutes, once in place they won’t move or slip out of place without being intentionally manipulated.

“It’s important to note that installers using non-Liniar glazing platforms are likely to experience difficulties as the glass won’t slide in easily and could potentially get stuck. This is because ours have been designed specifically to fit Liniar systems and incorporate a leading edge to allow the glazing unit to slide perfectly into position against the seals, even accommodating IGUs that may be stepped, meaning less potential for breakages.

“Installation is also simplified because Liniar glazing platforms correctly fill the gap between the frame and glass for the toe and heeling process.

Additional security

“Positioning Liniar glazing platforms in relation to the locking points of the product also adds extra structural strength and additional security. Due to their unique clip in feature they can’t easily be dislodged, thus reducing the chance of windows and doors being prised open when under attack from burglars.

“Drainage was also a big consideration for the designers. Using Liniar glazing platforms ensures that the window maintains its support and keeps the glass square in the frame, allowing water to pass into the drainage slots. These channels allow liquid to drain away, so the glass isn’t sitting in water.

Look for the Liniar logo

Paul concludes: “By using the correct components when installing Liniar products, you’ll be assured of a quality finish, avoid time-consuming remedial call backs, and ensure customers are happy with your work.

“Remember, only Liniar glazing platforms are Liniar Approved so look for the logo to be certain that you’re using the genuine article.”

Liniar has produced a new video, 7 reasons why you should be using Liniar glazing platforms, to illustrate this important message. You can find it at or call 01332 883800 for more information.


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