Alucare confirms stress-free switch to Liniar profiles

Peter Desmond, Alucare Managing DirectorWith a pandemic raging throughout the UK in December 2020 and a new lockdown imminent, the team at Alucare received what seemed to be devastating news – their systems house was discontinuing the PVCu window system Alucare had been fabricating for decades. It was the last thing the company needed as it rescheduled customers until after the latest lockdown, but Peter Desmond, Alucare Managing Director, was undeterred. He went straight to work finding an alternative systems company that would be able to provide the type of window his company wanted to fabricate.

The first step was finding which of the UK’s PVCu systems companies was able to offer a chamfered, mechanically joined, exterior glazed PVCu window. Whilst Peter and his team could have changed the type of window they fabricate, it was never an option for Alucare. Peter explains, “We were given little notice that our preferred system was no longer going to be offered. We didn’t want to be forced to change the type of windows we’ve been fabricating for years – so changing suppliers was the best option for us to take. Whilst it was a stressful time – on top of the compounding challenges from the coronavirus pandemic, this was the last thing we needed – I knew what I needed to do.”

Choosing the right systems company

After researching all the available window systems, Peter found that there was only a handful that offered the type of window his company prefers to fabricate. In the end, Peter chose industry-leading systems company Liniar to be the new profile supplier for his fabrication operation, commenting:

“What really swayed my opinion of Liniar was its comprehensive online presence. That, together with the amount of readily available technical documents and the guidance we received from the Liniar team, gave us the peace of mind that Liniar is a professional company – experts in the field.

“Liniar Sales Director Terry Grant and Technical Services Manager Marc Wilcoxson did an excellent job of making the process of switching from our old supplier to Liniar as simple, easy and straightforward as possible. Any time we had a query or needed assistance, they responded straight away.”

Making a change

Whether it’s switching energy companies or your profile system, change can be difficult. From Alucare’s perspective, however, Liniar ensured the process was as stress-free as possible.

Peter comments, “We already were under a lot of pressure to reschedule customers due to the coming lockdown in late December. The switch to Liniar could have added to that stress, but it really didn’t – the team made everything seem so very easy.

“Initially, we had worries. The problems we’ve all been facing with raw material shortages in 2021 made us wonder if we’d have a reduced supply from Liniar because we hadn’t yet built up that loyalty – but I’m delighted to say that supply isn’t linked to loyalty at Liniar.”

Liniar’s Marc Wilcoxson explains: “Exceptional service levels are something our team is dedicated to providing to all Liniar customers, regardless of how long they’ve been with us. Customers (along with shareholders, communities and employees) are one of the four pillars of our business and we’re committed to providing unrivalled service and support to each and every one.”

Alucare facilitiesThe proof is in the pudding

Peter concludes: “Change isn’t something we were looking for – it’s something that was forced upon us. However, I’m happy to report that since switching to Liniar, business has been flying. Our order books are already full until November, despite the supply chain issues.

“Additionally, we’ve had feedback from our fabricators and installers and they’re just as delighted as we are with the switch. Both say Liniar’s products are easier to fabricate and install, making their jobs quicker and simpler – so it’s a win/win!”

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