Liniar and TAKA-WPR: Working Towards the Common Goal of Excellence

Similar to Liniar’s emergence as an industry leader in groundbreaking uPVC fenestration and building products, WPR has become a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge profile wrapping machinery while sister company TAKA has excelled at providing chemical bonding solutions. Both Liniar and the TAKA-WPR synergy have experienced significant growth during the 15-year-plus period they have been working together, and the relationship between them has flourished.

With nine WPR wrapping machines already in operation at its UK-based manufacturing facility, and a state-of-the-art £750k Luna-R currently being assembled in Italy ready for delivery later this year, Liniar has not only made significant investment to ensure pre-eminent manufacturing quality and efficiency, but also a considerable commitment to WPR and TAKA as suppliers and business partners.

TAKA-WPR Marketing Manager Andreas Smentkowski comments, “Liniar is one of our largest customers in the UK, and the company has shown an astute ability to follow technical developments and a real desire to incorporate them into its production processes. We communicate closely with Liniar’s lamination management team to make sure we fully understand their needs, which forms the basis for developing machinery specifically for them. This means there’s a genuinely collaborative element to delivering bespoke upgrades.”

Liniar’s Luna-R being assembled at WPR Italy

WPR also works closely with Liniar to oversee installations and ensure the process does not disrupt production, providing initial training and ongoing support through WPR’s specialist field technicians.

Liniar Foiling Technical Manager Dave Hodgkinson explains, “When a new machine is being configured, we spend approximately two weeks working alongside our WPR colleagues to get everything fine-tuned, programmed and tested. I understand what it’s like working away from home, and it’s important to us they’re comfortable, so we assist with accommodation and make sure they receive a nice warm welcome and feel a part of our team.”

He added, “They’re friendly, approachable people and keen to share their know-how as well as listen to our input, meaning we all learn from each other. Our technical teams really integrate with each other, and this bond guarantees we get the best training and installation results possible.”

Liniar’s upcoming addition, the Luna-R, is a user-friendly, high-end wrapping system designed to maximise productivity while delivering a consistently excellent foiling finish.

Speaking on his experience of working with the technology Dave states, “One of the benefits of the latest WPR machines is their setup automation which drastically reduces the time needed to switch between profiles. This allows for a much more agile production line, crucial to both managing stock and handling custom-made orders optimally.”

He continues, “Waste reduction is another benefit of the new Lunar-R. This is not only important for profitability, but also in helping Liniar achieve its sustainability objectives, something we feel very strongly about.”

WPR’s sister company TAKA also produces and supplies the premium quality primers and adhesives used in Liniar’s foiling application process. Having a single point of contact for essential components means the TAKA-WPR synergy provides a complete solution.

As Dave Hodgkinson explains, “The TAKA team are really useful when it comes to helping rigorously test bond strength in various conditions, since we can take advantage of their lab facilities and expertise. But also, if there are ever issues that need to be resolved they take ownership, a testament to their integrity and the quality of the relationship we’ve been building together for so many years.”

With UK representative Adhesive Solutions located in Halifax, TAKA provides Liniar with local contacts. Dave states, “We carefully plan our manufacturing, but if we suddenly have to increase production and use more glue or primer than expected in a given period, it’s easy to get more delivered. This gives peace of mind that disruption to production from running out of key components won’t be an issue and we can continue our best in class 99% On Time, In Full order fulfilment to customers.”

The WPR team will soon be delivering Liniar’s latest machinery investment, something that both companies are looking forward to. As they each continue on their journey of growth and development, they are set to go from strength to strength, with their positions as industry leaders demonstrating the value of nurturing long-term partnerships built on integrity and collaboration.

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