Simon Sherrell Contractors: Finding an Alternative to Eroded Timber Piling

Living by a river comes with benefits and challenges. Fast-flowing water can be an incredibly destructive force and all precautions are needed to ensure the safety of both inhabitants of nearby homes and the buildings themselves.

Finding an Alternative to Eroded Timber Piling

With the old timber pilling, installed to retain the riverbank and prevent the water’s encroachment on the river property, coming to the end of its useful lifecycle Mr & Mrs Thomson turned to Simon Sherrell Contracting for assistance.

Commenting on the refurbishment, Simon states, “We began researching options for replacing the wooden pilling, which had been there for around 25 years, and was rotted out and weakened through damage caused by fish and other wildlife. The Thomsons wanted something more robust than timber so this would be the last time it needed replacing. Steel was an expensive choice with supply chain issues keeping prices high. It soon became apparent plastic offered the durability we were looking for at a price that was within budget, and so was the perfect solution”

Simon continues, “We looked at a few brands before we came across Liniar’s plastic pilling range, which we settled on for its Z-ribbed option. This makes it stronger than standard pilling, and the way the system interlocks ensures a solid connection between the sheets.”

The riverbank is approximately two meters high and needed shoring up along a 100-meter stretch. An initial challenge was the limited space available at the back of the properties, which meant it was inaccessible with heavy machinery.

Simon continues, “Another benefit of using plastic is that it was easy to work with. I was originally knocking sections in by hand, and although it was hard work, the weight of Liniar’s plastic pilling made it more manageable.”


The project presented its unique challenges, and there was a degree of on-the-job learning involved. With so much earth to be held back the potential for structural failure was a concern needing to be resolved.

“There’s a lot of weight behind the bank, and I didn’t know if plastic would be too flexible. But it worked a treat, and I found the material provided more than ample strength. As a precaution I also added some reinforcement by using steel chains to anchor the pilling to underground posts then added a flat bar bolted along the front.”

Peace of Mind for the Homeowners.

The bank is now shored up and the homeowner and their neighbours can rest assured they won’t need to worry about regular maintenance, as Liniar pilling doesn’t rust or rot, and is resistant to being bored into by rodents and fish.

Commenting on the finished project Simon stated, “Mr & Mrs Thomson say they are happy with the way the product looks, and it has made them feel a lot more relaxed knowing the riverbank has been secured with a material that has a very long lifespan.  They now have a fully restored lawn area where they can enjoy being outdoors by the water.”

Simon was impressed with the strength of Liniar’s plastic pilling, stating, “This was a particularly high riverbank, but with a lower, lighter bank I don’t even think the steel reinforcements would be necessary. It’s also very versatile and I used the leftover lengths for building a dam to fill a pond, further enhancing the garden space.”

Mark Sims, Liniar’s Outdoor Sales director commented, “The project is fantastic. Our piling products are made using recycled material and have an exceptionally long lifespan, at the end of which they remain fully recyclable. This makes them a sustainable choice. Lightweight and easy to install, Liniar piling products are a genuine alternative to both steel and timber.”

  Liniar’s pilling is produced from 100% lead-free, recycled uPVC. To find out more visit


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