Liniar’s Edwardian Style Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory, also known as the Georgian, is similar in style to the Victorian – the main difference being that it’s square or rectangular in footprint.

This style embodies airiness and light, offering more subtle lines than the elaborate Victorian conservatory.

Featuring a square or rectangular shape, the Edwardian is the ideal shape for furnishing internally, leaving you with no wasted space.

Typically, an Edwardian style conservatory has a high, sloping roof, providing a marvellous vaulted look and ensuring a light, bright and inspiring room.

Originally built on homes from the 18th and early 19th centuries, the style has been replicated on many neo-Georgian properties since.

Edwardian conservatories were originally the preserve of people with significant style, standing and financial status, widely built on stately homes. Highly exclusive, Edwardian conservatories came before the Victorian style became popular.

Edwardian conservatory style borrows features from Greek and Roman architecture as many ruins were discovered during the period and the design was quickly copied at the time.

Its imposing style and finishing touches allow you to maximise your floor area and living space while maintaining character and traditional appeal.

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Gain space in style

Having an Edwardian conservatory added to your home is a fantastic way to gain extra living space whilst maintaining a classic aesthetic for your property. There are many uses that you can put your new Edwardian conservatory to and this versatile style is ideal if you are looking to get the most out of your available build area.

An Edwardian conservatory can be the perfect solution for many different options such as a well-lit dining room, a relaxing study, a child’s playroom or simply a second living room.

Edwardian conservatory points to note:

  • In most cases it is not necessary to obtain planning permission for an Edwardian conservatory (your local Liniar stockist will be able to provide detailed information)
  • The addition of an Edwardian conservatory is likely to increase the value of your property
  • You’ll be able to use your new conservatory all year round, whatever the weather
  • A Liniar Edwardian conservatory is a bespoke product, tailored to your individual specification
  • As well as white, the Liniar conservatory range is available with wood-grain effect frames.

Colour options:

Cons Colours

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“Having a Liniar Edwardian conservatory means I can move the furniture around whenever I feel like a change!”

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Edwardian Conservatories

Conservatory Roof Design

Industry leading roof design

We have specifically designed the Liniar conservatory roof to meet the demands of modern living.

For a conservatory that is less expensive to heat, choose the Liniar conservatory roof. Unique thermal twin-walled top caps conserve more warmth within the conservatory – meaning less energy is needed to heat it.

Not only this, Liniar’s conservatory roof has a centre bar that allows for more height, so the roof is less of a hazard for taller family members.

The Liniar conservatory roof has been strategically designed to eliminate water ingress, so you can rest assured your new Edwardian conservatory will not leak.

Created with security in mind, it’s not possible to deconstruct from the outside, either.

Add a touch of grandeur

Have you considered a lantern roof for your new extension? The Edwardian is a traditional strong design that lends itself perfectly to this exciting roof feature.

You will gain further levels of natural sunlight for a bright interior whilst enjoying a striking focal point.

Another addition that can add gravitas to your conservatory or extension is the installation of Liniar uPVC bi-folds. These stunning doors can open up an entire side of the room, providing you with a cool interior in the summer and perfect access to your property when entertaining.

Bi-folding doors also look stylish and their smooth folding action makes them functional and easy to use.

For more information about Liniar bi-fold doors, visit the ModLok bi-fold page.

Conservatory Glazing

Glazing options

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the material for your roof. The two most common options are glass and polycarbonate and there are different benefits to both. It is important to bear these in mind when choosing as they can make a difference to your finished conservatory, find out more about glazing options here.

Broadly speaking, a glass panel roof will let in more natural light than the polycarbonate alternative and also be less noisy when it is raining. Polycarbonate roofs provide more protection against the sun’s glare. It is good to bear this in mind when thinking of where conservatory is to be built.

We are proud to say that all Liniar glass conservatory roofs use Pilkington glass, one of the most established and trusted glazing suppliers in the UK.

Conservatory Finial

Customise your conservatory

Liniar conservatory roofs can be customised with a wide selection of matching options so that you can achieve your desired finished look. The Liniar range of optional accessories includes classic and contemporary uPVC finials and cresting options for the perfect finish.

Many alternative conservatory roofs don’t look ‘finished off’, with ugly structural features on display. The Liniar roof features beautifully designed end caps, foiled to match perfectly and providing the ideal finishing touch to your new conservatory.

Liniar’s symmetrical multi-chambered uPVC profiles mean heat transfer is minimised, using less energy to heat your home and therefore helping make energy bills lower. Why not have a browse through the Liniar range of window and door options?

Keep Heat Inside

Keep heat inside

Our unique thermal twin-walled top caps in our roofs, paired with Liniar windows and doors, keep more of the heat inside your conservatory - making it less expensive to heat in the winter months.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Like the rest of the Liniar range, our Edwardian conservatories are low maintenance. A quick wash with sopay water now and again is all that is needed - they are even available with self-cleaning glass.

Designed by You

Designed by you

Liniar conservatories are bespoke designed and made exactly to your requirements - whatever you have in mind for your new room, we can create it.

Triple Glazing

Glazing options

Tinted windows or self-cleaning glass? The wide range of glass types available on the market today means that whether you are looking for extra warmth or to shut out traffic or other noise, then there is an option which is right for you.

Colour Matched

Colour matched

Liniar conservatory roofs are colour matched the rest of the Liniar range of windows and doors, from solid colour to woodgrain foiled - all available from stock.

Your choice

From crestings and finials, to bi-fold and patio doors - the bespoke-designed matching Liniar range gives customers to opportunity to achieve their perfect glazed extension.

Wide choice of colours

Beautiful Colours

You can go for the classic white option for your new Edwardian conservatory or you can choose from a range of colours. The entire Liniar range is available in a multitude of colours straight from stock.

If you are looking for the traditional appearance of timber but without the hassle then why not choose a wood-grain foil? They are precision factory-fitted, so you may be surprised with the authenticity of the look they achieve.

What’s more, the complete range holds the Liniar 10-year guarantee against fading, cracking or warping.

Designed specifically for you

Designed specifically for you

When you choose a Liniar conservatory you are choosing the flexibility to create your dream living space. Every single one of our conservatories is a bespoke project designed to accommodate your needs.

We understand that your new conservatory will be an integral part of your home. That’s why your local Liniar stockist will take the time, care and attention to ensure you get the conservatory of your dreams.

If you have a specific style or accessory in mind, please ask. With such a versatile range of uPVC conservatories, we are confident you will find the solution you are looking for.