Liniar's Lean-to Style Conservatory

The lean-to conservatory, or sun room, can work best if you’re on a tight budget, and offers one of the simplest solutions for bungalows and porches.

With clean lines that give a contemporary look, a lean-to is a popular choice for modern properties, especially for homeowners who prefer a simple, understated design.

Whether traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for homes that have limited space under the eaves, such as a bungalow, or an area that’s too difficult to home a conservatory, because the pitch of the roof on a lean-to conservatory can vary. A shallow pitch can fit under a bungalow roof while a steeper one would be ideal for terraced houses.

The simple shape of a lean-to conservatory allows the maximum space in a highly economical style. They are sometimes called sunrooms, or garden rooms, as they trap the winter sunlight and convert it into heat through the glass.

Because of the simple design of lean-to conservatories, with at least one wall already in situ, time and labour is saved, which also saves money.

It can also be combined with other styles to create a combination conservatory.

Extend your home

A lean-to conservatory is an easy way to extend your home and gain that extra space you need. They are the ideal choice if you have limited building space or height restrictions as they can be added to the majority of properties.

Your new Liniar lean-to conservatory will also benefit from the technically advanced Liniar roof system. Offering incredible levels of energy efficiency, the Liniar roof system matches perfectly with its huge range of windows and doors.

Whatever your desired function for your new living space you will find that a Liniar lean-to conservatory is the ideal solution. Whether you are looking for a sun room or garden room to make the most of the daylight, a sunlit study or utility room or a larger space such as a family room or kitchen extension, a lean-to conservatory or lean-to combination conservatory will fit the bill.

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Benefits of a Liniar lean-to conservatory

  • It is usually not necessary to obtain planning permission for a lean-to conservatory (Your local Liniar stockist will be able to advise you regarding planning permission)
  • A lean-to conservatory is an easy way to extend your home and increase its value
  • You will gain a brand new room ideal for use throughout the year
  • Your Liniar lean-to conservatory will be bespoke to your individual specification
  • Choose from a range of colours to achieve your desired look and complement your existing property

Colour options:

Cons Colours

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“The simplest form of conservatory, this is a great way to add a sun room or garden room to your home!”

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Conservatory Roof Design

Industry leading Liniar roof

The Liniar conservatory roof has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of modern life.

The thermal twin-walled top caps are unique to Liniar and retain greater amounts of heat within your lean-to conservatory during the winter months. This reduces the energy needed to heat it and can therefore lower heating bills.

The central bar within the conservatory roof allows for greater height so taller family members won’t have to stoop when using the conservatory.

Glazing your conservatory roof

Glazing your conservatory

When selecting which material to use for your lean-to conservatory roof there are a number of factors to consider. Some of the main points that may affect your choice are aesthetics, positioning and budget.

As a rule, a glass roof will let in more natural light for a brighter interior. You will also experience less noise when it is raining. 

Alternatively, polycarbonate roofs may be the option for you if your conservatory is particularly exposed as they offer more protection against the sun’s glare.

Conservatory Finial

Accessorise in style

Add an air of sophistication to your new Liniar lean-to conservatory with our stunning choice of optional accessories. Choose from modern and traditional uPVC finials and cresting that will add the perfect finishing touch.

Cresting and a decorative finial are included in the roof kit as standard, or alternatively you can choose a blanking cap for a more modern appearance.

There is also a multitude of matching options for your Liniar roof available so you can achieve the look you want.

Conservatory Window Options

Liniar windows and doors

The windows are one of the most important factors of any conservatory. That’s why the Liniar range has so much more to offer than other manufacturers.

Our entire window range was designed from scratch to utilise modern advances in window engineering technology.

Liniar profile has a unique multi-chambered structure that provides superior levels of energy efficiency, making for a warmer interior and using less energy, meaning lower energy bills and a reduced impact on the environment.

Keep Heat Inside

Keep heat inside

Our unique thermal twin-walled top caps in our roofs paired with Liniar windows and doors keep more of the heat inside your conservatory, making it less expensive to heat in the winter months.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Like the rest of the Liniar range, our lean-to conservatories are low maintenance, a quick wash with sopay water now and again is all that is needed - they are even available with self-cleaning glass.

Designed by You

Designed by you

Liniar conservatories are bespoke designed exactly to your requirements - whatever you have in mind for your new room, we can create it.

Triple Glazing

Glazing options

Triple glazed windows and self-cleaning glass? The wide range of glass types available on the market today means that whether you are looking for extra warmth or to shut out traffic or other noise, then there is an option which is right for you.

Colour Matched

Colour matched

Liniar conservatory roofs are colour matched the rest of the Liniar range of windows and doors, from solid colour to woodgrain foiled, all available from stock.

Your choice

From crestings and finials, to bi-fold and patio doors - the bespoke-designed matching Liniar range gives customers to opportunity to achieve their perfect glazed extension.

Conservatory door options

Conservatory Door Options

There are several stylish door options available with every Liniar conservatory. The addition of bi-folding doors can add a whole new aspect to your lean-to conservatory allowing you to open up a whole side of your property.

Alternatively, why not choose Liniar French doors for a classic and stylish entrance to and from your garden.

Liniar patio doors are an excellent option if the entrance to your conservatory is going to be in frequent use.

Add colour to your life

Beautiful Colours

Liniar’s whole range of conservatories comes in a beautiful selection of colours as well as classic white – all available from stock.

In addition to coloured uPVC options, Liniar conservatories are also available in a choice of wood-grain foils. This fantastic low maintenance option will let you achieve the traditional look of timber without any of the upkeep.

The entire Liniar range is also guaranteed for 10 years against warping, fading and cracking.