Liniar's Victorian Style Conservatory

The Victorian is one of the most popular conservatory styles and adds traditional elegance to any home, whether it’s a new build or a period property.

When people think of conservatory styles, more often than not it will be the Victorian that comes most readily to mind.

The Victorian conservatory style consists of a bay front, a steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details.

The Victorian style comprises of either the three-facet, which features a bay front and three main windows at wide angles, or the five facet, which also has a bay front but with five main windows – both enable you to create a spacious room with a pleasing appearance.

The nation’s love of the conservatory blossomed in the Victorian era, due to their love of exotic plants and foliage necessitating a way of keeping the plants alive during the cold winter months.

Victorian conservatory styles were created in the 19th century with elaborate details to complement the period buildings of the time. These often included gothic shapes to the windows and doors and complicated shapes in the roof, where were usually steeply pitched to match those of Victorian homes.

Attractive and versatile, Victorian conservatories can be designed to suit the space you have available – from a large garden to a small patio.

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The advantages of a Liniar conservatory:

  • Planning permission isn’t usually required for a conservatory – although it is recommended to check on this.
  • The value of your property is like to be increased with the addition of a conservatory.
  • A new conservatory will provide you with an extra room that you can use throughout the whole year.
  • Each conservatory is designed to meet individual requirements.
  • There is a choice of coloured and wood-grain effect frames, as well as white.

Colour options:

Cons Colours

Mark II loves Victorian Conservatories!

“Whatever you have in mind for your Liniar Victorian conservatory, Liniar can make it happen. Each conservatory is created with your personal requirements as a priority – we can design a beautiful room for you to enjoy whatever time of year it is.”

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Reasons to choose a Liniar Victorian conservatory

Reasons to choose a Liniar Victorian conservatory

Far from just a conservatory

Investing in a Victorian conservatory is a great way to add extra space to your home, but the big question is: How are you going to use it?

There are a multitude of options for your new room. You could use it as an extension to your kitchen, a family room, a bright study, dining room or garden room.

The only thing you can be assured of is that the Liniar conservatory roof range will have something to suit your home – whichever purpose you wish to use it for.

Liniar’s Victorian conservatories utilise the very latest technology to offer the most thermally efficient conservatory on the market, and the roof is guaranteed to perfectly complement Liniar’s exquisite windows and door ranges.

Conservatory Roof Design

Designed for modern living

A Liniar Victorian conservatory is delightfully designed for contemporary living and beautiful aesthetics. To make your conservatory more energy efficient, Liniar’s thermal twin-walled top caps have been created to retain more of the heat inside.

And for the taller people in your family, our roof has been designed with a centre bar that allows for more height.

To ensure that your Victorian conservatory stays leak-free, the design and engineering of all Liniar roofs guarantees that there are no holes or gaps for water ingress.

And the innovative built-in security features mean that Liniar roofs can’t be taken apart from the outside.

Liniar Conservatory Options

Conservatory options

A Liniar Victorian conservatory will be certain to create much-needed extra space – and by matching the Liniar roof system with other Liniar products, you’ll be certain of a fully matching installation.

The options for your conservatory are almost endless. Installing Liniar bi-fold doors will give you a stunning open space, while sliding patio doors allow you to maximise space for furniture inside.

Selecting Liniar casement windows means your new conservatory will be stylish, whatever the colour scheme.

The Liniar roof isn’t only used for the traditional conservatory – a Liniar lantern roof on a brick-built extension will allow an abundance of natural daylight into kitchens, dining areas or other rooms too.

Conservatory Glazing

Glazing options

When planning a conservatory or glazed extension, a considerable amount of thought should be given to the glazing options that are available to you as these will make a significant difference to the finished product.

Personal taste and budget is normally what this choice comes down to.

As a brief summation, glass panels will let in more natural daylight to your conservatory, while ensuring that rainfall is quieter. Alternatively, a polycarbonate roof can offer extra protection against sun and glare.

As one of the most trusted suppliers of glazing in the UK and market leaders in glass technology, Pilkington glass is used in all of our roofs.

Keep Heat Inside

Keep heat inside

Our unique thermal twin-walled top caps in our roofs paired with Liniar windows and doors keep more of the heat inside your conservatory, making it less expensive to heat in the winter months.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Like the rest of the Liniar range, Victorian conservatories are low maintenance. A quick wash with soapy water now and again is all that is needed - they are even available with self-cleaning glass.

Designed by You

Designed by you

Liniar conservatories are bespoke designed exactly to your requirements - whatever you have in mind for your new room, we can create it.

Triple Glazing

Glazing options

Tinted windows and self-cleaning glass? The wide range of glass types available on the market today means that whether you are looking for extra warmth or to shut out traffic or other noise, then there is an option which is right for you.

Colour Matched

Colour matched

Liniar conservatory roofs are colour matched to the rest of the Liniar range of windows and doors, from solid colour to woodgrain foiled - all available from stock.

Your choice

From crestings and finials, to bi-fold and patio doors - the bespoke-designed matching Liniar range gives you the opportunity to achieve your perfect glazed extension.

Accessory range

uPVC conservatories cresting and finials

To provide the perfect finish, the Liniar roof range comes with stylish optional accessories. These include a selection of contemporary and classic uPVC cresting and finials.

Cresting and a decorative finial are included in the roof kit as standard, or alternatively you can choose a blanking cap for a more modern appearance. Just select what you need when ordering.

Liniar’s coloured end caps are fully foiled too, giving your roof a seamless and attractive appearance from the outside.

Add colour to your life

Beautiful Colours

The days of all uPVC Victorian conservatories being white have long since gone – although white is still available! Liniar’s entire range offers a stylish selection of colours from stock.

Our woodgrain foils give the authentic appearance of timber without the maintenance, and are precision factory-fitted, so you’d be forgiven for thinking your frames were actually made of wood.

The whole range comes with a 10-year guarantee against fading, cracking or warping.