Ripley Junior School Thanks Liniar Team With Presentation

Members of the Liniar team were delighted to be invited back to Ripley Junior School (RJS) for a show of gratitude presentation, following the donation and refurbishment of their decking and fencing. Organised by Headteacher Jen Clark, the event saw Secondary Operations Manager Jack Mayfield accepting a certificate celebrating the RJS attitude of, “More than just me,” instilled into the school’s pupils.

As the Liniar team arrived, children filed into the assembly hall and sat cross-legged, beaming in anticipation. Jen kicked off proceedings by inviting the children to provide examples of, “attitudes to thrive.” Enthusiastic little hands shot into the air, and collectively supplied the exemplars of, “compromise, negotiation, and building positive, healthy relationships,” as well as instances of how they were showing these values through their behaviour.

This deeply resonates with Liniar and parent company Quanex’s own values, and their belief in ‘doing the right thing,’ which has been consistently demonstrated by a continued commitment to community support and engagement over the years.

Asked how he felt having accepted the certificate on behalf of the team, Jack said, “It has been an amazing experience seeing how much the kids enjoy their outdoor space, and the difference we’ve been able to make. We’re always here to help.”

The certificate was presented along with biscuits, and a beautifully crafted booklet the children and staff had created together, to illustrate and convey their gratitude through a collection of photos and quotes.

The children’s individual comments really hammer home their personal thoughts and feelings, showing how important the upgraded equipment is proving to their educational lives. For example, one pupil wrote, “We are able to stay safe near the pond, and it looks Brilliant! We can use the stage to dance and perform.”  Another wrote, “We are enjoying the beautiful fence you made for us. We are so happy that our playground looks smart again. We are delighted and so grateful.”

En route to the post-presentation photoshoot, the Liniar team members received a hero’s welcome, with the playground erupting into spontaneous bouts of applause as they were recognised by groups of playing children.

In addition to Jack, the installation team comprised: Mark Poole, John Haslam, Archie Foulke, Joe Clayton, and Richard Fronczak, who all posed proudly with their group award. Although not present on the day, Leigh Beeton, Sam Johnson, and Mark Garrett also made valued contributions to the project, and were thanked in their absence.

Headteacher Jen told the team, “Play is so important to children, and the refurbished outdoor area has been crucial to our Covid recovery plan, facilitating the children’s ability to reconnect with each other and the outdoors.”

The school was nominated for assistance by Liniar QA Inspector Mark Thawley, who, upon seeing the positive impact the completed project has had on both staff and pupils said, “I’m so proud, it’s such a brilliant feeling.”

When shared internally the story caught the eye of Liniar’s Transport Admin Clerk Jodie Williams, who responded with excitement saying, “This is my son’s school, I’ve just seen his signature in the booklet! The refurbishment was a lovely thing to do and has breathed new life into the playground.”

Jen Clark offered a parting comment, stating, “When building a community, you put in what you want to get out, and it really makes the world a better place.”

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