Why environmental organisations choose Liniar

uPVC is now recognised as a sustainable option when it comes to fenestration products, with the Liniar range leading the way in its environmental credentials.

As a company, Liniar continually strives to improve its environmental performance and reduce its carbon footprint, and has even developed new products to avoid wastage and create opportunities to re-use the uPVC offcuts that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

The company is proud of its record of ZERO operational wastage, with 100% of production waste uPVC (around 1,200 tonnes per year) re-ground at its in-house recycling facility before being formulated into new products.

The Liniar decking and fencing range is made from 86% recycled uPVC, with its plastic piling range composed of a staggering 100% recycled material and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Liniar piling

Plastic ‘vinyl’ piling originated in the USA, where it was first recognised as an effective alternative for marine
applications – overcoming problems both with the corrosion associated with steel, and the rotting effects of
timber piles. The benefits soon translated to the UK, with Liniar piling the only range to be fully designed and
manufactured in-house in Derbyshire.

Available in a variety of styles and lengths ex-stock, plastic piling provides an eco-friendly barrier for ground
or water retention. Liniar piling is versatile enough to be used for permanent applications such as pond and
lake reinforcement, or for temporary use; for example, trench shoring.

Liniar log pile

The unique design of Liniar log pile results in an attractive finish with no maintenance, offering a cost effective alternative to traditional retention methods and materials.

Comprising three ‘logs’ extruded together from uPVC, log pile is ideal for applications where a ‘hard engineering’ solution is required but there is a desire for a ‘soft engineering’ appearance.

Liniar’s log pile is covered externally with a timber composite finish to give it a natural look and to enable algae or moss to grow on it. Perfect for use in situations where traditional piling options are not practical and equally suitable in natural habitats, it’s designed to weather naturally, just as natural wood.


Furthermore, all Liniar products have always been 100% lead-free, well in advance of legislation.

Not only do these products contribute to Liniar’s environmental credentials, they are also ideal for use in environmental situations – watch our video showing how simple it is to install Liniar piling into soft ground:


Eco-friendly Liniar products

Liniar plastic piling

The Liniar plastic piling range is ideal for use by farmers, forestry commissions and environmental protection bodies for a variety of reasons.

Organisations such as the National Trust and the Environment Agency are using Liniar’s plastic piling extensively in areas of natural beauty, not only because of its environmentally friendly qualities, but also because of the many other benefits it offers.

The entire range of Liniar plastic piling is made from 100% lead-free recycled plastic, promoting sustainability and cutting down on waste.

Liniar fencing systems

Liniar’s fencing system is not only attractive but it’s maintenance free – and because it’s made from eco-friendly recycled uPVC, it won’t rot or rust.

Liniar fencing systems are also lightweight, making them easy to transport, carry and install. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not strong – they can withstand storm force winds and are highly durable, meaning they won’t crack, break or corrode.

You can also say goodbye to painful splinters – as Liniar fencing systems are made of uPVC, they are child friendly and safer than the timber alternative.

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