Fixings and Packers

Approved for use with Liniar products, our fixings and packers come in handy packs and a variety of sizes.


Concrete frame screwsConcrete Frame Screws

Supplied with drive bit, these multi-purpose concrete frame screws provide a rapid and effective light duty anchoring system for fixing into concrete, brick, stone, concrete block and wood. Available in a choice of 5 different sizes:

  • 5mm x 82mm
  • 5mm x 102mm
  • 5mm x 112mm
  • 5mm x 122mm
  • 5mm x 152mm

Boxed in 1000s

Baypole screwsBaypole Screws

These high quality baypole screws are designed to join uPVC window and conservatory frames. Self drilling screws save time and hassle doing 2 jobs in one! Available in 4 sizes:

  • 8mm x 50mm
  • 8mm x 60mm
  • 8mm x 70mm
  • 8mm x 80mm

Boxed in 1000s

PackersGlazing Packers

Liniar Approved glazing packers are strong, sturdy and available in 6 different widths, each a different colour for ease of use.

  • 32mm x 1mm wide – Green
  • 32mm x 2mm wide – Black
  • 32mm x 3mm wide – White
  • 32mm x 4mm wide – Grey
  • 32mm x 5mm wide – Blue
  • 32mm x 6mm wide – Red

Each colour comes in a box of 1000, or you can order a mixed bag of 250 packers comprising a selection of each width.

Exclusively available through Liniar fabricators – find your nearest here.


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