The most up-to-date brand of uPVC profile on the market. With a focus on research, development and design, the Liniar range continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.
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Add the right finishing touches to your installation with Liniar's range of matching foam trims, together with additional consumables from cleaners and adhesives to fixings and tools.

Extrusion Hall Deckboard

Quality assured trims

Liniar’s range of consumables includes its own matching uPVC foam trims and architraves. Designed and manufactured in-house using superior materials, tooling and machinery to ensure consistent quality, they provide a perfect match to Liniar windows, doors and roofs. Trims include D mould trims, cloak trims, beads, quadrant trims, adjustable angles and architraves in different sizes and colours.


Foam Trims

Liniar's uPVC foam trims are designed and manufactured at the same UK extrusion facility as its range of windows, doors and roofs – using the same high quality manufacturing processes and materials.

Not only are Liniar foam trims made from the same 100% lead-free uPVC, the foiled woodgrain finishes are factory fitted in-house and therefore match our other products perfectly.

Liniar window trims

Foam trim products

Liniar D Shaped Foam Board
D Mould foam trim – 24mm
Cloak Foam Trim
Cloak foam trim – 18mm
Cloak foam trim – 28mm
Chamfered foam bead – 18mm
Foam quadrant trim – 13.5mm
Foam quadrant trim – 13.5mm
Foam quadrant trim – 13.5mm
Foam quadrant trim – 18.5mm
Adjustable angle Trim
Adjustable angle – 50mm
Adjustable angle Trim
Adjustable angle – 75mm
Foam architrave
Foam architrave – 45mm x 6mm
Foam architrave
Foam architrave – 65mm x 6mm
Foam architrave
Foam architrave – 95mm x 6mm


Liniar Approved window boards provide an elegant and stylish finish for any window or conservatory installation. Available with complementary end caps and angle joints, boards come in a choice of 8 widths and up to 5m lengths.

Available in white, with matching end caps and angle joints.

Window sill board from Liniar
Packer and fixing

Fixings and Packers 

Approved for use with Liniar products, our fixings and packers come in handy packs and a variety of sizes.

Scroll down for the options available.

Fixing and packers from Liniar

concrete frame screws
Concrete frame screws

Supplied with drive bit, these multi-purpose concrete frame screws provide a rapid and effective light duty anchoring system for fixing into concrete, brick, stone, concrete block and wood. Boxed in 1,000s and available in a choice of 5 different sizes:

5mm x 82mm
5mm x 102mm
5mm x 112mm
5mm x 122mm
5mm x 152mm

Baypole screws
Baypole screws

These high quality baypole screws are designed to join uPVC window and conservatory frames. Self drilling screws save time and hassle doing 2 jobs in one! Boxed in 1,000s and available in 4 sizes:

8mm x 50mm
8mm x 60mm
8mm x 70mm
8mm x 80mm


Liniar Approved glazing packers are strong, sturdy and available in 6 different widths, each a different colour for ease of use. Each colour comes in a box of 1,000, or you can order a mixed bag of 250 packers comprising a selection of each width.

32mm x 1mm wide – Green
32mm x 2mm wide – Black
32mm x 3mm wide – White
32mm x 4mm wide – Grey
32mm x 5mm wide – Blue
32mm x 6mm wide – Red


Cleaners and Adhesives

Providing high quality at a cost effective price, the Liniar Approved range of cleaners and adhesives is certain to help you finish the job more quickly with the best possible results.

Scroll down for more details, and to find the relevant safety data for each product.

Cleaning spray


Glass Cleaner LBP0301
Glass Cleaner - LBP0301

A fast-acting, water soluble glass cleaner that won’t smear – perfect for giving windows, doors and conservatories that final sparkle after installation.

1 litre bottle with spray nozzle.

Download safety data
uPVC Solvent Cleaner
uPVC Solvent Cleaner - LBP0302

A heavy duty cleaner for uPVC, this liquid formula removes sealant, grease and dirt from uPVC surfaces. Please note this cleaner is not approved by Liniar for use on foiled or woodgrain finishes.

1 litre bottle with spray nozzle.

Download safety data
uPVC Cream Cleaner
uPVC Cream Cleaner - LBP0303

A heavy duty cream cleaner to remove stubborn dirt and grime stains from uPVC surfaces. Please note this cleaner is not approved by Liniar for use on foiled or woodgrain finishes.

1 litre bottle.

Download safety data
Tissue Wipe Roll
Tissue Wipe Roll - LBP0305

A giant-sized roll of 2-ply centrefeed tissues to keep handy for multi-purpose use.

Super Glue
Superglue Hi Visc - LBP0203 (20g) / LBP0204 (50g)

Liniar Approved Superglue is a high strength, high viscosity, multi bond adhesive that will stick together practically anything!

20g or 50g.

Download technical & safety data
super glue activator
Superglue Activator - LA800

Spray Liniar Approved Superglue Activator to one surface and see your Superglue bond instantly! No waiting around or holding parts together, this non-staining aerosol activator is ideal for use on window and door systems, conservatories, cladding, fascias, guttering and all uPVC profiles.

200ml canister.

Download technical & safety data
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Liniar designs and tests products, extrudes the PVCu profiles and delivers them to independent specialist manufacturers and resellers all over the UK. You can find your nearest with a simple postcode search.

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