Building for the future

Liniar, the UK’s leading PVCu manufacturer and a subsidiary of Quanex, has a wide range of customers across a variety of industries – and the team love hearing about the different projects its products are used for.

Sean Preson, Owner and MD of Leicester-based fabricator and installer Eco Plastic Wood, looks at the world differently to most people. He sees the potential in every product – not just for its conventional use, but for what else it could become.

We speak with Sean to learn how he and his team have taken Liniar’s fencing range and created sustainable, energy efficient, low maintenance and great looking outbuildings and garden rooms.

The Inventor

Sean tells us, “I was looking at Liniar’s fencing range and recognised it had so much potential. It’s a great looking product and the more I thought about its structural integrity, the more I realised, I can build a room with this.”

Starting from a nugget of an idea, Sean tried various methods to build his first room. He explains, “Building the walls was so quick, as the fencing panels are a bit like a Lego construction style – however the corners, I just couldn’t get right. I tried various ideas, but it wasn’t looking crisp and clean enough.”

Developing technology

It soon became clear to Sean that he couldn’t use conventional machinery to create the corners due to the size of each fencing panel.

Sean comments, “If I’m going to do something, it has to look perfect. I soon realised that I needed specialist cutting and welding machinery to ensure the corners didn’t let the appearance of the room down. There wasn’t anything on the market, so I designed and adapted my own machinery. It took a few goes, but I now have machines that create perfect corners, which are both neat and strong.

The first of many

After perfecting the design, the first official garden room was built and installed. Sean says, “We’ve called the range Ecoeasi Build, and we’re proud of our prototype room which has been installed in my son’s garden. We learnt a lot during the manufacturing process and the team and I have made further improvements since, which includes bespoke connectors to ensure the walls are 100% waterproof and stable.

“We then went on to sell our first room and have more orders in the pipeline. The beauty of the Ecoeasi Build room is that it can be built to pretty much any shape or size, and construction is very quick and easy, making it completely bespoke and perfect for awkward spaces.

“Because we already fabricate the Liniar range of windows and doors, we can easily include features such as stunning bi-fold doors. This makes the buildings attractive and ensures a perfect colour match, which you may not get with different ranges.

Thermal efficiency guaranteed

By using Liniar’s fencing panels, windows and doors, the Ecoeasi Build range comes with the best-in-class low maintenance PVCu products. Whilst the buildings require steel reinforcement to ensure they are structurally sound, all the steel work is on the inside, so thermal efficiency isn’t compromised.

“Using A+-rated Liniar windows and doors means the buildings are as thermally efficient as possible,” explains Sean. “Even on a cold day, the garden rooms hold an ambient temperature and only require a small amount of heating.”

Sean has even designed in a clever hidden rainwater collection system, using Liniar’s fascia and soffit range around the eaves, for a seamless, attractive finish.

Building for the future

Mark Sims, Liniar’s Outdoor Sales Director comments, “I was very surprised when I saw the garden room Sean has designed. I never imagined Liniar fencing could be used to create a complete building! You can’t tell that it’s actually made from fencing panels – and the fact Sean has created bespoke machinery to overcome the issues with corners is nothing short of incredible. I am proud to support Sean with the Ecoeasi Build rooms and can’t wait to see what else he comes up with!”

The future of Ecoeasi Build

Sean and his team have installed two of the Ecoeasi Build rooms at Bentley’s Garden Buildings, based in Leicestershire. One is a conventional garden room, which could be used as an office, a home gym or a summerhouse; the other is a glamping pod, which includes an innovative bunk-bed system that converts into a table and also changes into a 3-seater sofa. Customer interest is already reported to be high, particularly as the Ecoeasi Build rooms will never need sanding, painting or staining – making them a good long-term choice.

Sean concludes, “As a business, we want to innovate for the future. The Ecoeasi Build rooms can be easily dismantled and moved, and at the end of their long useful life can be fully recycled. It’s important to me that we use and create sustainable products and the Liniar range ticks all our sustainability boxes.

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