Alumina by Liniar – a new breed of bi-fold

The Liniar design team, renowned for continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, have launched their latest product – a true aluminium bi-fold door which rewrites the rules!

‘Alumina by Liniar’ has been designed and developed by the same team of experts as the Liniar window system, also the first to launch a bespoke uPVC bi-folding door system to the market in 2011.

The brand new bi-fold door was created in response to customer feedback, as a number of Liniar uPVC fabricators also wish to offer customers an aluminium alternative for larger apertures and commercial projects.

Having built a well-earned reputation in the uPVC fenestration sector, this will be Liniar’s first departure into aluminium – and the Alumina doors include some clever enhancements to set them apart from rival systems.

The technical experts at Liniar have steered clear of the ‘hybrid’ type of door system that’s become popular in recent years – for a number of reasons, but mainly as they can be a nightmare to fabricate, requiring specialist machinery. In addition, hybrid systems are difficult to recycle at the end or their useful life, as the components are too integrated to be easily separated.

It can also be difficult to explain the benefits of a hybrid system to consumers. uPVC systems have obvious thermal benefits, and aluminium systems have strength and size as their main selling points. Hybrid systems are neither one thing nor the other.

The Alumina system is a true aluminium bi-fold door – but includes some innovative twists, as you’d expect from Liniar.

Made with standard machineryAlumina V4

Able to span 1.2 metres wide per sash and 2.5 metres high, Alumina by Liniar is manufactured using standard aluminium machinery but includes added extra features to make it the ideal choice for heavy duty use.

Warm touch exterior

Aluminium doors are considered sleek, strong, smooth and beautiful, yet can often feel cold – Alumina by Liniar sets the record straight with an optional ‘warm touch’ foiled exterior.

Like other aluminium bi-folds, Alumina by Liniar can be offered in just about any powder-coated colour you can imagine. But what makes Alumina different is that you can also choose a beautiful wood grain or flat foiled finish for your doors. This means if you have Liniar uPVC windows in your property, you can choose a perfectly matching aluminium bi-fold door – with the foil adding a ‘warm touch’ finish to your doors.

Fully sculptured to match

Alumina is the only fully sculptured (curved) aluminium bi-fold door on the market – so not only will consumers be able to choose Alumina doors that match the exact colour of Liniar sculptured uPVC windows, they will also be the same shape – providing a seamless finish.

Alumina by LiniarThermally efficient aluminium?

The Liniar uPVC range is renowned for its energy efficiency and Alumina is no different. Pushing the boundaries of thermal performance, the team has created a system designed with tomorrow’s thermal performance requirements in mind, a feature not usually compatible with traditional aluminium windows or doors.

Innovative thermal lock

An area where heat can be lost from the home is through the lock, as it’s difficult to maintain a thermal break in this area. Alumina has been designed from scratch with a combined lock and thermal insert. This innovative lock unites the ultimate specification of security with a high strength engineering polymer lock body – so the lock itself acts as a thermal break, boosting the door’s thermal performance compared to a traditional aluminium door.

Low U-values

With 28mm double glazed and 36mm or 40mm triple glazed options available, Alumina offers ‘true’ U-values as low as 1.0W/m²k, thanks to the innovative thermal lock and 40mm triple glazed unit.

High security

Alumina ensures the highest security for homeowners with a suite of hardware following the same principles as the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold system, including multiple bi-directional locking points, shootbolts that secure firmly into the track, built-in anti-lift features and anti-bump cylinders.

Threshold options

All Alumina bi-folding doors are available with three threshold options, for the ultimate in choice. The rebated aluminium frame runs seamlessly around to form a weathertight threshold, and the doors are supplied with this as standard. Liniar’s optional aluminium low threshold requires no trench excavation to install, and is just 23.5mm at its highest point.

Bottom rolling

Easy to open and close, Alumina bi-folds move smoothly and effortlessly along a sleek stainless steel track and are ‘bottom rolling’, not top-hung – meaning no extra stresses are placed on the building’s lintel.

Attention to detail

With innovative features including folding keys, ergonomic handles, hidden fixings for hinges and discreet magnets, the attention to detail is what makes an Alumina bi-folding door ‘best in class’.

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