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20 December 2023

Liniar invests in cutting-edge humidifier

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Liniar's humidity system

Liniar, the UK’s leading PVCu systems company and a subsidiary of Quanex, has invested almost £30K installing a cutting-edge humidity control system in its Lamination Hall.

The installation is part of the company’s continuous improvement culture and helps create the best possible environment for producing the highest quality foiled products.

Lamination Production Manager John Stark explains, “Humidity control is critical to the moisture activated glues used in foiling PVCu profiles. With the new system we can ensure a consistent, measurable moisture level, enhancing our already industry-leading standards and creating the optimal environment for superior results all year round."

He continues, “As far as we’re aware, Liniar is the only PVCu extrusion facility in the UK to have implemented this technology, which has been fully operational since September 2023 and works seamlessly with a fast-action shutter door to control the temperature within the Lamination Hall.”

By focusing on humidity, Liniar has taken a proactive approach to perfecting its laminating process, ultimately improving the bond between primer and adhesive. This results in consistently efficient air curing times, regardless of seasonal fluctuations.

Liniar Director of Operations Peter Grundy states, “Historically, many systems companies have focused on the impact of air and profile temperature on adhesive and primer curing, with humidity often neglected.

“Our commitment to creating the best possible environment for year-round production is evident in this latest investment. By addressing humidity control comprehensively, we aim to deliver the highest quality products consistently and continue to meet the excellent standards Liniar’s customers have come to expect.”

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