Why Liniar is ideal for erosion control

One of the most popular uses of Liniar’s plastic piling is that of erosion control – it’s the perfect product to create a watertight barrier with an attractive, clean finish.

The UK’s waterways are subject to bank erosion – but Liniar’s plastic piling can be used to form a protective edge to ponds, lakes, fisheries, rivers and canal banks.

There are various methods to use Liniar’s plastic piling in the protection of eroding banks, depending on the requirements of the individual project.

Naturally strong

Liniar’s plastic sheet pile is ideal for the building of new edges on a fishing lake, and can also be tied back for additional strength.

Liniar’s log pile is popular in applications that suit a more ‘natural’ appearance, being covered externally with a timber composite finish to enable it to blend with its surroundings and allowing algae or moss to grow on it.

Both types of plastic piling offer a high-strength alternative to more traditional steel piles, with many more advantages.

A recent charity event at a lake in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, demonstrates the ideal nature of Liniar plastic piling to control bank erosion, with volunteers spending the day installing both types of piling along the lakeside. Watch the video below:


Discover the different types of piling

Simple installation

Liniar’s plastic piling is simple to install and in many instances, especially those involving the installation of short lengths, the plastic piling can be entered into the ground using a maul and pile cap.

Once installed, the land can be back-filled behind the piling, resulting in a strong, easy on the eye finish.

Watch our piling installation videos to see how Liniar piling can be installed by hand and by machinery.

Ideal solution

Another major advantage of Liniar’s lead-free plastic piling is that it doesn’t rot or rust, making it the perfect long term solution to bank erosion problems.

It’s not affected by salt water, it’s resistant to rodent and marine borer attack and it doesn’t leach into the ground.

This means that Liniar plastic piling is ideally suited for erosion control – it won’t pollute the water it’s situated in or harm the surrounding wildlife.

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