Sustainability (n.) – avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Sustainability Mission

Liniar is committed to the protection of the planet because there is no plan(et) B. This is why we’ve worked for nearly three decades to ensure we send zero operational waste to landfill, create fully or partially recycled products, design energy efficient and eco-friendly products and continually work towards the smallest carbon footprint possible.

In April 2021, the latest audit of the ISO 14001 accreditation showed Liniar was a staggering 53.95% ahead of its Climate Change Agreement target for Q1 2021! This puts Liniar ahead of its quarterly target to reduce its carbon footprint – saving a whooping 20,410 metric tonnes of carbon.


Take a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility page and see the different activities Liniar is involved in.


For more information read our latest Press Release here

Did you know ...


Liniar produces approximately 20,000 tonnes less CO2 than typical PVCu manufacturers, thanks to changes made on site, within the extrusion and lamination process and even by changing HGVs and company vehicles to more energy efficient versions, including fully electric vehicles.


Did you know ...


Liniar has been a zero production waste facility for nearly three decades. All scrap goes back into the system to create fully or partially recycled PVCu products.


Did you know ...


Liniar actually recycles a whopping 3 billion gallons of water each year right here in its purpose-built, underground water recycling facility?


Did you know ...


Liniar’s downstream produces double the amount of product with half the amount of energy? Liniar consistently updates its machinery to the most efficient, technologically advanced models.


Seeing is Believing

As part of the work aimed at shrinking its carbon footprint to become a carbon-neutral business, Liniar has so far achieved a reduction in carbon emissions by a whopping 18,000 metric tonnes of CO2 – and that number continues to grow.

CO2 is odourless and colourless – but what if it wasn’t? To put the volume into perspective, we’ve placed a 1,000 metric tonne sphere of CO2 next to famous UK landmarks. Just imagine 20 of those spheres spread throughout your city or neighbourhood… and that represents the current amount of greenhouse gas emissions Liniar’s saved to date.

Lowering our carbon footprint and protecting the environment may not have immediate, noticeable results – but these actions all work towards making a significant impact on the planet, the air we breathe and the lives of our families, building a sustainable future.

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