The most up-to-date brand of uPVC profile on the market. With a focus on research, development and design, the Liniar range continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.
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Composite Doors

Although Liniar doesn't manufacture composite door slabs (panels), composite doors can be supplied with a Liniar 70mm uPVC frame - ask your Liniar supplier for the choices available.

Liniar composite door

A stunning entrance


can provide immediate 'kerb appeal' for your home - and with the number of style options available, there's sure to be one to match your character. 

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Liniar composite doors are manufactured by specialist nationwide fabricators, which means they have access to a huge range of door slabs from different specialist composite door companies – all surrounded by a PVCu frame made from Liniar’s

, energy efficient profiles.

Liniar composite door
Liniar composite door

superb insulation

You have a world of choices when it comes to colour, style, glazing, security and optional extras - and the frames themselves contain all of Liniar’s design features for a superb seal and thermal performance.

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Inherently thermally efficient, Liniar composite door frames work to keep homes and businesses more comfortable through the colder months. Due to their exceptional design, when combined with an energy efficient composite door, the frames can achieve A+ standards.

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Liniar designs and tests products, extrudes the PVCu profiles and delivers them to independent specialist manufacturers and resellers all over the UK. You can find your nearest with a simple postcode search.

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