The most up-to-date brand of uPVC profile on the market. With a focus on research, development and design, the Liniar range continues to push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.
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With a huge range of styles, you’re sure to find the perfect 

 window to fit your home - and all come with Liniar’s unrivalled performance and aesthetics. 

Flush sash window

plenty of options

Liniar's high quality, energy saving uPVC windows are offered in a range of colours and styles to suit every building. Whether you prefer a casement, a tilt & turn window or a sleek flush sash style, we’re sure there’s a Liniar window to perfectly match your home or property. There's even a stunning aluminium bi-fold window in the range, all designed to complement each other perfectly.

Energy Efficient

Energy bills are on the increase, environmental concerns are higher on the agenda than ever before and building regulations are becoming more demanding every year. Choosing a window system that offers high Windows Energy Ratings (WER) therefore makes good sense.

With Liniar’s lead-free, multi-chambered profile, patented co-extruded bubble gasket, glazing flipper and thermal dam, you don’t always need expensive triple glazing to achieve the highest energy ratings – Liniar window systems achieve a WER of

with ease and U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2k with cost-effective double glazing.

energy efficient window profile
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Latest Technology

With uPVC windows traditionally requiring steel reinforcement inside the frames, energy efficiency usually had to take a back seat. But not with Liniar. Its original 70mm window system was designed from scratch using the very latest technology to meet the demands of today’s house building market, resulting in a uPVC window that’s not only strong and secure but also achieves one of the highest energy ratings – all in one system.

Since then, the range has expanded to include a wide range of styles and even greater energy efficiency, right up to Passivhaus standard. Explore the range to find out more.

Casement window

Casement Windows

A classic window design offering versatility when it comes to style choices, Liniar uPVC casement windows are a market-leading, energy efficient and popular addition to any home. You can choose from 70mm Standard or EnergyPlus profiles or the very latest 90mm Zero|90 profiles.

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Liniar uPVC tilt and turn windows are designed to offer a secure, multi-functional style choice, helping to increase a building's ventilation without unlocking. Tilt & turn windows are available in both 70mm and 90mm options.

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Tilt and turn window
Flush sash window

Flush Sash Windows 

The design of flush sash windows takes inspiration from traditional timber joinery, where the sash sits flush within the frame with no overlap. They are ideal for anyone looking to bring a traditional charm to their home and are versatile enough to add a sleek, high-tech appearance to contemporary buildings too. Choose from original 70mm flush sash windows or the unique double-rebated 80mm Resurgence system.

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Reversible Windows 

The rotating action of Liniar reversible windows means external glass can be safely cleaned from inside the property - making them a safe and secure option for difficult to access areas. Perfectly flush on both the inside and the outside, they look great too!

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Reversible window
Bi fold window

Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows are a striking addition to any home. Folding back to open up an entire wall, high-strength aluminium bi-folding windows from Liniar are an increasingly popular option for kitchen areas, orangeries and commercial buildings such as cafes and restaurants.

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Bow and Bay Windows 

Increase the space and natural light into your home by choosing bow or bay windows in curved or rectangular formation. Bow or bay windows can be manufactured from a wide range of Liniar's

windows including casement, tilt & turn or flush sash styles.

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Bay window
French window

French Windows 

Bringing a continental charm to any property, Liniar French windows can be made from a range of styles including casements, tilt & turn or flush sash designs. They consist of two panes which open out from the centre, with no obstructions. The resulting wide opening is ideal as a fire escape for upper floors or to increase ventilation for your home.

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Liniar designs and tests products, extrudes the PVCu profiles and delivers them to independent specialist manufacturers and resellers all over the UK. You can find your nearest with a simple postcode search.

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