Why choose Liniar French Doors?

An attractive alternative to patio or bi-folding doors, Liniar’s range of French doors are an ideal choice where the aperture size is more limiting.

Offering a more traditional aesthetic, Liniar’s stunning range of uPVC French doors come with the same high specification and colour choices as our window range – just as you’d expect.

Available in either an ‘open in’ or ‘open out’ style to suit your living space, the Liniar French door provides your home with a beautiful and secure entrance – along with a range of patented low and ultra-low threshold options.

Beautiful finish

Ensuring you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home, the fully sculptured features of the Liniar French door provides a beautiful finish.

Liniar French doors are not only lead-free and aesthetically pleasing but have been created with security in mind.

A vital component of all Liniar products is security and our doors are fully accredited to meet the necessary standards, including Secured by Design and PAS 24:2012, plus they are fully compliant with the latest relevant divisions of the Building Regulations.

Variety of choices

Available in chamfered or sculptured profile, 28mm double or 36mm triple glazing, with standard 4-chamber or EnergyPlus 6-chamber profile – along with threshold choices (including Part M compliant) and a great range of hardware, finishes and glazing options.

Choose from a wide variety of colour options including White, Rosewood, Cream, Irish Oak, and Light Oak. Liniar French doors are also offered in a choice of bespoke colours including Chartwell Green, Grey and classic Black.

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Environmentally friendly

The installation of energy efficient doors, windows and roofs is one of the most effective ways to save energy inside your home.

Mainly due to our innovative multi-chambered uPVC profile design, Liniar frames outperform most of the other leading brands in the UK when it comes to thermal efficiency.

This is measured in U-values, which are a measure of a door’s efficiency at preventing heat transfer into and out of a property.

Low U-values

The more effective a door is at preventing heat loss from a building, the lower the U-value.

Liniar’s French doors can achieve a U-value of 1.3 W/m²K, allowing you to enjoy a quieter and warmer home as well as reduced energy bills.

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Mark II loves Liniar French doors

“Liniar French doors are so versatile, pop them at the front of your house in a porch, from your house to conservatory, or out into your garden! The choice is yours, whats more, they’re available in a wide range of colours, with lots of add ons such as sidelights, midrails and low thresholds!”

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Head of Testing at Liniar

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Why choose Liniar?

Design for modern living

Beautifully created for modern living, the Liniar French door range has been designed to enhance an ideal summer setting – but equally important to survive the cruellest of the British winter weather.

Our French doors have been meticulously tested to make sure that they exceed the relevant British Standards for weather performance.

Better for the Environment

Better for the environment

Why would you choose to have frames that contain lead when you no long have lead in your paint or petrol?

Better for you, your family and better for the environment – Liniar profile is made from 100% lead-free uPVC, well in advance of legislation. Not only that, but all aspects of Liniar uPVC French doors are fully and easily recyclable.

Easy to maintain

It won’t be necessary to spend hours keeping your Liniar French doors looking beautiful. Unlike timber or aluminium, there’s no need to paint or treat them each year – and our 10 year frame guarantee will give you peace of mind.

The occasional wipe down with soapy water is all that’s necessary to keep them looking in tip top condition.

What an entrance

Ideal for family homes and wheelchair-friendly access, Liniar’s ultra-low threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit to your home.

With a gold or silver finish available to perfectly complement the door hardware, the Liniar low threshold is thermally broken, adding to the energy efficiency of your doors.

Less Frame, More Glass

Less frame, more glass

Liniar French doors have ultra-slim sightlines, providing rooms with a modern, clean appearance - letting in the maximum amount of natural light.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing

Liniar French doors are available with 28mm double or 36mm triple glazing - capable of achieving a U-value of 1.0 with EnergyPlus profile.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance

Liniar French doors will never rot, rust, or require painting - just a quick clean with warm soapy water, even with our foiled colours.

Colour Matched

Colour matched

Like the rest of the Liniar range, our French doors are colour matched with a variety of solids colour to woodgrain foiled - all available from stock.

Keep Heat Inside

Keep heat inside

With a unique six-chamber PVCu profile, EnergyPlus can helping you contain and conserve heat within your property, keeping heat where it belongs - inside your property.

Your choice

Liniar French doors not only have choice when it comes to colour, but also with options for sidelights, handles, hinges along with family-friendly low thresholds.

Strong, safe and secure

Strong and Secure

Every home should be a safe haven, and because we strongly believe this, we certify, test and design all of our products to meet the most stringent security standards.

Built in features mean that Liniar French doors hold Secured by Design status and have passed PAS 24: 2012 Enhanced Security Performance with flying colours.

Secured by Design is bestowed upon products that have been designed with exceptional security features as their main concern and are tested to meet the conditions of the Association of Chief of Police Officers.

Colour choices

Beautiful Colours

Liniar French doors are available in a wide variety of colours, not just the standard white – and with a large amount readily available from stock, there won’t be a long wait for your new door.

Liniar uPVC French doors can be tailored to match the colour scheme any particular property, whether contemporary or traditional.

Leaving the homeowner with a low maintenance, easy clean finish, Liniar’s factory-fitted coloured foils can give the appearance of woodgrain and won’t peel off or scratch.