Alumina’s Impact on the Rise of Bi-fold Doors

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The increase in demand for aluminium bi-fold doors has been seen across the fenestration industry for several years now. A report from the AMA has highlighted the continued rise in popularity of the bi-folding door through Brexit and 2020.

In line with this trend, Alumina by Liniar continues to see rapid growth, into both residential and commercial markets. From a seamless transition for a living space into the garden to the product’s smaller footprint, attractive finish and ability to match the full Liniar window suite, Alumina has made its mark on the industry.

Liniar first introduced its Alumina bi-fold door to the industry at the 2016 FIT Show. The first thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold door explicitly designed to match a uPVC window range, this product boasts excellent U-Values thanks to an industry-leading thermal locking system. With features like the warm touch foil finish or RAL powder coated options and uPVC beading, it’s easy to see why Alumina bi-fold doors are a clear choice for installers and homeowners.

Why aluminium vs timber and uPVC?

Until the Queen’s Award-winning Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold was launched, uPVC bi-folds had a relatively poor reputation. The natural expansion and contraction of uPVC could often lead to issues with the doors’ smooth running, with specialist installation being critical to their ongoing successful operation. The ModLok bi-fold’s unique aluminium exoskeleton solved these problems; however customers wanting foiled doors were still limited to four panes wide.

Alumina is a fully aluminium bi-fold system, meaning its additional frame strength enables even greater expanses of glass – up to 6 panes wide for foiled variants – and can match perfectly with Liniar uPVC windows, giving consumers the best of both worlds. Even better, all products are covered under the same simple guarantee.

Timber bi-folding doors offer a stunning finish, but at a maintenance cost. Timber not only swells and contracts as the weather changes, but also requires continual upkeep to its surfaces. Customers who are looking for the ‘wow’ factor of timber bi-fold doors without the cost, weather impacts and swelling will find that foiled aluminium bi-fold doors are an ideal alternative. Liniar’s Alumina range is available in a wide variety of laminated options, including Irish Oak, Golden Oak and Rosewood, giving customers the finish they require with the peace of mind aluminium offers.

Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Not all aluminium bi-fold doors are created equal. Liniar’s Alumina range is unrivalled in its energy efficiency; the research team who developed this product planned for future regulations concerning thermal performance and energy saving benefits for homeowners.

Offering the lowest U-Value for aluminium bi-fold doors in the industry, the Alumina bi-fold door boasts results as low as 1.2W/m²K. These excellent U-Values aren’t typically associated with aluminium bi-fold doors and windows, but thanks to Alumina’s patented one-piece thermal lock combined with a thermal insert, Alumina bi-fold doors not only offer a sleek finish with unobstructed views but are also highly energy efficient.

When combined with 28mm double glazed or 36/40mm triple glazed options, Alumina bi-fold doors stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. When tested, Alumina beat the minimum requirements for both water and air tightness by more than double.

Ease of Installation

Liniar’s Alumina bi-fold doors are not only the most elegant, thermally efficient product on the market but also offer a simple ordering and installation process. Alumina products are manufactured within Liniar’s existing, reliable supply chain, using standard machinery, meaning installers can rest assured that lead times are kept low.

If a homeowner has requested for their Alumina bi-fold doors to be foiled on the internal face, the bi-fold doors will come with uPVC beads as standard, instead of rigid aluminium beads. PVCu beads are much more flexible than their aluminium counterparts, which not only means there is less potential for damaging the doors, but also that the doors will be much faster to glaze and easier for fitters to handle and install.

Alumina bi-fold doors are family friendly when installed with Part M compliant low thresholds. Alumina’s thresholds also require no trench excavation to fit. Without the need to excavate, the installation job is quicker, and there’s less disruption for homeowners.

Guarantees, Security and Accreditations

For homeowners, the ability to match their new aluminium bi-fold door to their existing uPVC windows is a breath of fresh air, and for installers, it gives a single point of warranty for the whole installation when Liniar windows, doors, conservatories, soffits and fascias have been purchased.

Alumina by Liniar offers the same award-winning, patented ModLok™ technology which features in its uPVC bi-folds. This innovative, combined reinforcing and locking mechanism bring an additional element of strength and security to wider configurations. Additional security features on the cutting-edge Alumina bi-fold doors include three opposing hooks, two shootbolts built into every master door and two anti-lift shootbolts on slave doors.

All these security features make the Alumina range by Liniar PAS24 and Part Q compliant, whilst also being accredited with Secured by Design. Customers have peace of mind with Alumina that not only is the product beautifully designed but also has their family’s security in mind.

Lovingly made in Britain, Alumina by Liniar is quality tested and manufactured to the highest standards before being delivered through the company’s network of fabricators and installers.

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