Make sustainability your focus, says Liniar

Make sustainability your focus, says Liniar

The 70mm Liniar window system was launched in 2008 and is still one of the most technically advanced systems on the market. It’s also fully designed, extruded, tested and stocked in the UK.

Since its original launch, the system has been joined by EnergyPlus, a six-chambered profile offering supreme U-Values as low as 0.9, and more recently the UK’s first PassivHaus accredited PVCu 90mm window system – a system that is rapidly gaining traction within the construction industry as we move towards a zero carbon world.

It’s the bits you can’t see…

The Liniar Design team’s aim was to reduce the amount of steel reinforcement needed in a window whilst maintaining the highest strength and security. Inside each length of PVCu profile, multi-chambered internal webs, combined with a patented retention strip for fixing hardware, help to achieve two things:

  • a reduction in steel of up to two-thirds of alternative window systems, and
  • increased thermal efficiency, as the symmetrical chambers mean a reduction in heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the frame

This means the Liniar system is a win/win for fabricators. A lower specification of glazing is required in order to reach Window Energy Ratings of A++ as well as the steel reduction making Liniar windows faster to fabricate.

The Liniar team has taken this original design and methodology to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, launching PVCu reinforcement to replace even more steel in 2021 and working on more new energy-saving and noise reducing fenestration products that will be ready to launch in 2022.

Investing for the future

Design & Development Director Chris Armes explains, “The investment Liniar makes in new product development is second to none in our industry. Not only are we listening to what our customers need, we’re looking ahead to the future.

“We knew when we launched our 90mm system back in 2017 that it was way ahead of its time, but we also understood that the world was changing. Four years later, there’s a greater understanding about energy and caron reduction and the part that construction can play in that. Around 18% of the UK’s carbon impact is created through inefficient building design, according to a recent research briefing1. The more that awareness grows, the more likely legislation will follow. At that point, demand for a cost effective PassivHaus window system could be almost unlimited – and we wanted to make sure Liniar customers would be ready for when that day comes.”

Growing awareness in retail sector

“This ongoing focus doesn’t just apply to new build or social housing projects,” Chris continues. “Recent hikes in energy prices are having an impact on how consumers choose their new windows and doors, with the systems offering the best thermal efficiency likely to be the long-term winners across the retail market too. Liniar has always received lots of enquiries from homeowners, and we’ve certainly noticed an increase in those asking about windows and doors that can help their property achieve PassivHaus status – which basically means there is no additional heating source required to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. Some properties can even become ‘energy positive’ with the right products, meaning the building helps to generate more energy than it uses.”

Chris concludes: “As a leading systems company, Liniar has always had a strong focus on sustainability, energy saving products and recycling.  The investment required for these activities is substantial and we’re pleased to have secured ongoing further commitment from our parent company Quanex to continue developing these product ranges in 2022 and beyond.

“As a British manufacturing company, we’re already way ahead with our own carbon reduction activities. We can assure Liniar customers that they’ll continue to be able to be the first to market with revolutionary new designs that will meet and exceed future legislation – just watch this space!”


1 Research Briefing: Reducing the whole life carbon impact of buildings (4 November 2021)


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