Why choose Liniar ModLok™ Patio Doors?

Whether you’re looking for a brand new patio door to provide better access to your garden, or you’re looking for a replacement door, you’ll be amazed at how different the stunning Liniar patio range is from other patio doors on the market.

From the moment you touch the Liniar patio door, you’ll be struck by the ergonomic design, the effortless opening mechanism, the smooth motion and the noiseless glide.

Fitted with Liniar’s revolutionary multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ system, the Liniar sliding patio door is perfectly balanced as it moves along its track.

Silent action

The built-in brushes gently sweep away any minor debris each time the door is closed, aiding its silent action and helping it to maintain efficient operation.

With fully sculptured features providing a beautiful finish, the Liniar patio door’s ultra-slim sightlines ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home.

And with a range of colour and handle options, you can personalise your Liniar patio doors to match the rest of your home, making it seem like they were designed just for you!

Designed for modern living

Liniar patio doors are exquisitely designed for today’s challenges.

Created to provide the ideal summer setting, it’s equally vital that our patio doors can survive the nastiest of the British winter weather.

We’ve meticulously tested our patio doors to ensure that they not only meet, but exceed the applicable weather performance British Standards.

We make sure all mechanical parts will stand up to the repeated operation necessary for daily living by subjecting our patio doors to a tough regime of robot cyclic testing in our purpose-built laboratory.

Engineered for the future – available today

The sliding patio door isn’t a new invention and most doors available on the market today are still based on an historic design, which means they come with inherent challenges.

Who hasn’t experienced a patio door that rocks on its track, or one that requires sheer brute force to open?

Other patio doors have also built an unwanted reputation for making it easy for thieves to break in to your home.

The Liniar design team have re-written the rule book with their innovative patio doors range – engineering in features such as a built-in decelerator and hidden ‘crash stops’ within the operating mechanism so as not to detract from the beautifully slim lines of the door.

High levels of security

Not only that, the Liniar door is one of the most secure patio doors money can buy. Liniar’s patented ModLok™ modular locking mechanism is built in to the frame, delivering unparalleled strength combined with the highest levels of security.

No more worries about break-ins, providing you and your family with peace of mind that your home is protected. Find out more about ModLok technology here and read how burglars failed to break in through Liniar ModLok patio doors.

We’ve also registered 4 patents and 1 community design to ensure only Liniar customers get all of the benefits from choosing a Liniar patio door.

Find your nearest Liniar fabricator here or contact us for more information.

Mark II loves Liniar patio doors!

“Liniar patio doors are lovely, so light and effortless to open and close along with some cool innovative features like hidden crash stops and a built-in decelerator – not forgetting 2-4 pane options and so many colours to choose from”

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Head of Testing at Liniar

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Why choose Liniar?

Not your standard patio door

If you have a wider opening span, then why not consider a three or four-pane patio door?

The supreme strength of the Liniar multi-chambered frames make them perfect for larger openings.

So conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms can all benefit from an increased amount of light flooding into your home.

Better for the Environment

Better for the environment

Not often considered when buying a new product for your home, ModLok™ technology has a big environmental advantage when the patio doors eventually come to the end of their life.

Unlike other uPVC systems, the ModLok™ comprises seamless steel sections that are simple to separate once the doors are removed, enabling the uPVC to be recycled faster and with much less effort.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining your Liniar patio doors couldn’t be easier. You won’t need to treat or paint them each year to keep them looking shiny and new – and not only that, we offer a 10 year frame guarantee so you can rest assured that the colours won’t fade.

All you need to do to keep them looking their best is an occasional wipe down with soapy water.

Seamless entrance

Liniar’s ultra-low threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit to any home.

Perfect for family homes and wheelchair-friendly access, the Liniar low threshold is thermally broken, adding to the energy efficiency of your doors.

A gold or silver finish is also available to perfectly complement the door hardware and add the ideal finishing touch.

Less Frame, More Glass

Slim sightlines

With a fully sculptured finish, the Liniar patio door’s ultra-slim sightlines ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of natural light in your home.

Smooth motion, effortless glide

Fitted with Liniar’s revolutionary multi-wheeled ‘air glide’ system, the Liniar sliding patio door is perfectly balanced as it moves along its track.

Fully Tested Products


Along with security and weather testing, our ModLok™ patio door has been tested by our in-house robot to over 28,000 opening sequences - and counting!



The Liniar ModLok™ Patio door is packed full of innovative features, from its multi-wheeled 'air-glide' system to hidden crash stops and a built-in decelerator!


Featuring patented ModLok™, a combined steel reinforcement and multi-point locking system, provides an unrivalled appearance with a high security locking mechanism.


Liniar ModLok™ Patio doors are available with a range of additional options, from handles to to low thresholds - perfect for family living.

Uniquely smooth action

The Liniar patio range was designed with our ground-breaking ‘air glide’ system, giving it a superbly smooth operation.

You’ll be amazed at how light the door feels and how easy it is to open and close – not to mention how quiet it is too! Other patio door systems are operated by just four steel wheels – the Liniar door uses eight hard-wearing self-lubricating acetal wheels, making it feel as though it’s floating on air.

Visit your nearest Liniar showroom to find out how our patio door is so different from its competitors.

Safe as houses

A brand new concept in locking technology, ModLok™ has been developed by Liniar in conjunction with Yale, the trusted brand for locks sold all over the world.

Combining steel reinforcing with a high security locking mechanism, the Liniar patio door offers far greater security than any other product of its type.

With four hook bolts plus two shoot-bolts at the top and bottom of the sliding door, the Liniar patio’s locking mechanism has been designed so that hooks do not protrude into the room even when the door is open.