Why choose Liniar standard bi-folding doors?

Liniar offered the very first fully bespoke uPVC bi-fold doors to be engineered, designed and manufactured in the UK – and we believe that Liniar bi-fold doors are still the very best.

Bi-fold doors are the perfect way for you to create space, let in fresh air and flood your home with natural daylight by being able to open up an entire wall of your home.

Whatever purpose you have for your bi-fold doors, the Liniar product provides a truly stunning alternative to French or patio doors.

Ultra-slim sightlines

Liniar bi-fold doors have ultra-slim sightlines, providing rooms with a modern, clean appearance – and are available in a wide choice of opening configurations and colours.

The innovative low threshold option is just one of the safety features included, making them family and wheelchair friendly.

On top of all of that, Liniar’s bi-fold doors offer excellent levels of energy efficiency, alongside superb security features – this all adds up to create a beautiful space-saving solution for your property that will also hugely enhance its appearance.

Find out about the range of thresholds available.

Explaining energy efficiency

The installation of energy efficient windows, doors and roofs is one of the best ways you can save energy within your home.

Mainly due to our innovative uPVC multi-chambered profile design, Liniar frames outperform most of the other leadings brands in the UK.

A door’s thermal efficiency is measure in U-values. These demonstrate the effectiveness of a door at stopping the movement of heat into and out of a property.

The lower the U-value is, the higher the door’s efficiency at preserving the heat inside of a building when cold outside.

The Liniar bi-fold range can achieve a U-value of 1.3 W/m²K when fitted with cost effective double-glazing units, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer and quieter home as well as lower energy bills.


Slim hinges have been added, with hidden fixings inside. This not only seamlessly preserves the sleek lines but increases security as it is impossible for them to be unscrewed externally.

We designed our own innovative solution to enable us to offer a low threshold without the need for expensive and messy excavation.

It’s often the little things that make a big difference – we’ve even designed folding keys to avoid any problems with keys being left in the locks during use.

To see the correct procedure to open and close a Liniar bi-folding door, click here.

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Mark II loves Liniar Bi-fold Doors!

“The Liniar Standard Bi-fold was the first of it’s kind – an original bespoke designed bi-folding PVCu door! With it’s slim sight lines, concealed hardware and folding keys along with lots of options for handles, thresholds and configurations – ideal to add an extra dimension to any style of property”

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Head of Testing at Liniar

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Why choose Liniar?

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Created for today's challenges

Liniar’s bi-fold door range has been exquisitely designed for contemporary living.

It’s equally as important that Liniar bi-fold doors withstand the worst of the British winter weather as well as help to create a perfect summer ambience.

Our bi-folds have been rigorously tested to ensure that they far exceed appropriate British Standards for weather performance, and subjected to cyclic testing in our purpose-built lab.

Minimal Maintenance

Low maintenance

You can rest assured that you won’t need to spend hours looking after your set of Liniar bi-fold doors to maintain their beauty.

Unlike timber, you won’t need to treat or paint them each year to keep them in top condition – and that’s not all; our 10 year frame guarantee gives you the peace of mind that the colours won’t fade.

All that is needed to keep them looking their best is an occasional quick wash with soapy water.

Low Threshold

A seamless entrance

Ideal for family homes, the Registered Design protected Liniar low-threshold option creates a seamless entrance and exit without the need for messy and expensive excavation.

An easy-access ramp, for wheelchairs and prams, can be created using an optional tray to seat the low threshold.

Measuring just 24mm at its highest point, the ultra-low Liniar threshold is available in a choice of silver or gold finish, perfectly complementing the door hardware.

Grand Bi-Folding Doors

Grand design

Bi-fold doors are now more popular than ever and are fast becoming the must-have home improvement.

Aluminium and timber are often thought of as the standard materials for bi-folds, but uPVC offers many more benefits; superior thermal efficiency, smooth operation, perfect matching of windows and doors and minimal maintenance.

Your bi-fold doors will rival the most contemporary aluminium range on the market.

Less Frame, More Glass

Less frame, more glass

Liniar standard bi-fold doors have ultra-slim sightlines, providing rooms with a modern, clean appearance - letting in the maximum amount of natural light.

Fully Tested Products


Our standard bi-fold doors have been rigorously tested to ensure that they far exceed appropriate British Standards for weather and security performance.



Slim hinges have been added, with hidden fixings inside - increasing security as it is impossible for them to be unscrewed externally.

Designed by You

First, bespoke designed bi-fold

The Liniar standard bi-fold was the first bi-fold door on the market to be designed from scratch.

Door Configurations


Liniar standard bi-fold doors are available in a range of opening configurations from 2 to 4 panes so they can be truly tailored to your requirements.

Customer choice

Liniar standard bi-fold doors are available with a range of additional options, from handles and hinges, to low and half thresholds.

Rolling smooth

Smooth Roller

The super smooth rolling action of Liniar bi-fold doors makes them feel incredibly light – and they are are engineered to give you the reassurance that they won’t warp or bend.

To make the doors easy and safe to operate for all age groups, ergonomic handles are built in to each hinged section.

Liniar bi-fold doors have the most effortless glide action on the market – our patented roller mechanism is hidden inside each door, therefore maintaining its sleek lines. When the doors are folded back, discreet magnets ensure that they will remain securely in place.

Whole new dimension

New Dimensions

Liniar bi-fold doors can bring a whole new dimension to a commercial or business property, not just to a family home.

While knowing your energy efficient Liniar bi-fold doors will keep the heat inside during the cold winter months, you can maximise floor space at your pavement café by opening up an entire wall on those sunny summer days.

Or, for ease of access, together with the highest security, you can give your showroom a new lease of life by installing Liniar bi-fold doors.