Will Huntley

Design and Development Trainee
  • Geek Factor:
  • Desk Tidiness:
  • Creativity:
  • Secret Weapon: CAD/3D Printing
  • Favourite Product: They’re all great!
  • Ideal Superpower: Time Travel


When I joined Liniar: June 2018

What I do: As I am part of the Design and Development team, I am currently learning Liniar’s product range, developing new ideas and putting them in production. I also work with SolidWorks and AutoCAD regularly, currently developing my ‘CAD whizz’ title.

How I can help you: Due to only working here for a short period of time, I’m not the most experienced employee, however I can deal with your enquiries to the best of my ability. I am a quick and keen learner, and over time will enhance on my knowledge here at HL Plastics.

Favourite thing about working here: My colleagues are great people; I get along with them well. The atmosphere is relaxed, where the tasks are exciting! I love working with CAD, the 3D Printer and the robot (Mark II).

About me: Originally from Yorkshire, I have been in Derby now for 4 years, where I have recently completed my Product Design Engineering course at the University of Derby, and have come straight into full-time employment here at HL Plastics. I am a keen cyclist and aquarist in my own time.

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